Big Brother’ makes way on Sony, reality show to debut in India later this year

Big Brother’ makes way on Sony, reality show to debut in India later this year

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Jul 14,2006 7:16 AM

Big Brother’ makes way on Sony, reality show to debut in India later this year

The show that has created ripples in just about every country that it was introduced in and has given reality as a genre new challenges – ‘Big Brother’ – is all set for an India foray, and it is coming on Sony Entertainment Television. The format belongs to Endemol and will be produced by Endemol India for the channel. ‘Big Brother’ is expected to go on air later this year.

Speaking on ‘Big Brother’, Rajesh Kamat, MD, Endemol India, said, “This is a monster of show, in terms of production and the impact that it has on the audience and hence, on the channels that it has been on, and we are absolutely delighted to be producing it.”

He explained that from an Endemol point of view, this show was further strengthening the position of the production house on television in India, given the kind of success that ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Dwitiya’ had seen and that the spin-off of the show, ‘Laughter Champion’, was also in Endemol’s kitty.

As for Big Brother’s format, internationally the mainstay content involves 12 celebrities locked in a house for 100 days, on camera 24x7. This apart, there are various ancillary programming as well. International examples include ‘Big Brother’s Little Brother’, which is a talk show, psychiatrically looking at the behaviour of the people and so on. Kamat explained that in India the spin-offs were still being discussed.

Nonetheless, the 12 celebrities had been finalised. In India’s case, we will see a mixture of TV celebs, cricketers, actors, news anchors and so on. The names of these cannot be divulged until the show goes on air. In fact, even the chosen celebrity doesn’t know the other 11 celebrities.

Kamat said, “The show runs on curiosity and hence, is hugely dependant on audience and media participation. In various markets, there are, in fact, two to three stories in a day in mainline media on what happened in the Big Brother House and we are looking at making this work in India as well.”

The dates of the show haven’t been fixed yet, but it is expected to go on air later in the year. It may be recalled that another huge reality show, ‘Extreme Makeover’, will also go on air later this year.

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