BCCC issues advisory on telecast of content on kids channels

BCCC issues advisory on telecast of content on kids channels

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, May 18,2013 7:52 PM

BCCC issues advisory on telecast of content on kids channels

The Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) has advised all Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) member channels, particularly children’s/ cartoon channels, to be more cautious in the selection of the content shown, considering the impressionable minds of their target viewers. The emphasis should be on the “best interest of the child”. At the same time, BCCC has maintained that it does not wish to act as a censoring agency.

BCCC also took note of the contention of some broadcasters that there is no separate classification of channels as those meant exclusively for children and, therefore, there can be no additional restraint on the telecast of content, even if it is meant largely for adult viewers.

The Council, however, is of the opinion that as a matter of fact, some channels consider children to be their principal target viewers. Consequently, it is children who overwhelmingly watch these channels and unsuspecting parents allow them easy access to programmes aired on such channels.

BCCC’s advisory comes following several complaints regarding the telecast of content on channels meant for children, including cartoon channels. These complaints fall in the following broad categories:
1. Telecast of ‘objectionable’ content, visuals, theme, animation and/or use of ‘inappropriate’ language in some programmes aired on children’s/ cartoon channels. This includes foreign cartoon shows and their translated/ adapted versions.

2. Telecast of films/ movie clips classified as UA, including horror/ action films, on children’s/ cartoon channels.

3. Telecast of ‘objectionable’ promos of programmes meant for more mature viewers on children’s/ cartoon channels.

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