BBC World to review year 2002, special programme for new year

BBC World to review year 2002, special programme for new year

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Dec 13,2002 6:25 AM

BBC World to review year 2002, special programme for new year

As the year 2002 comes to a close, BBC World, the BBC's 24-hour international news and information channel, brings viewers a variety of special programmes that present a well-rounded look at the year 2002 and some special programmes that look ahead at the new year.

The viewers could tune-in to the global and India-specific programmes on BBC World for a blend of news and current affairs programmes such as World Review 2002, World Business Report, Question Time India, India Business Report and Sport Today along with lifestyle and infotainment programmes like Wheels, Mastermind India, HARDtalk, Talking Movies and Click Online.

Under World Review 2002 (Weekdays at 1500, Saturday & Sunday at 2000 IST) - the BBC's global team of correspondents will present snapshots of all the major issues that affected the world last year. With in-depth reports from every continent and an analysis of how things are likely to change, World Review brings a global perspective on a wide range of issues.

World Business Report (Weekdays at 0600 & 2245 IST) will offer three specials - 'Holding On The Line' looks at 3G phones and how the big promise of new markets and future profits have evaporated, 'On The Brink' takes a look ahead at the global economy in 2003, and 'Accounting For Greed' looks at what lies behind the scandal and corruption in the corporate world.

Question Time India (Fridays at 2200 IST) will feature two specials - the first special will look at some of the major events of the year with a panel comprising leading academics and journalists, while the second special will look ahead to the issues facing India in 2003 with a panel of leading politicians from the Congress and the ruling party BJP.

India Business Report (Sundays at 1100, Mondays at 2200 IST) will feature a special year-end episode that take a look at the overall performance of the Indian economy in 2002 with analysis and interviews with players and pundits, focussing on four important segments such as stocks and shares, major industries, financial institutions and exports.

Wheels (Tuesdays at 2200, Saturdays at 2200, Sundays at 1200 IST) will telecast a unique episode on the eve of the New Year featuring a spectacular show of the best cars and bikes launched this year and announce the Wheels Awards for the year 2002.

Mastermind India (Thursdays at 2200, Sundays at 1000 & 2200 IST) ushers in the New Year with the culminating episode recorded at the grand Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad which forms the backdrop for the battle of intellects to see who will emerge as the Mastermind India winner for the year 2002.

HARDtalk (Weekdays at 1000, 1700, & 2100 IST) with Tim Sebastian has an interesting line-up of celebrity guests such as David Attenborough, Sinead O'Connor, Youssou N'Dour, Boris Becker and Tom Jones. Also catch some of the best celebrity HARDtalks from 2002 with Marianne Faithful, Pik Botha, John McEnroe and Seve Ballesteros.

Talking Movies (Thursdays at 2300, Fridays at 1300 &1900, Saturdays at 2300 IST) takes a look back at some of the highs and lows of the movie world in 2002 with presenter Tom Brook and looks forward to 2003 in two specials.

Click Online (Sundays at 1600, Mondays at 2300, Tuesdays at 1400, Wednesdays at 1900 IST) presents two special editions, which review the developments that transformed the world of IT in 2002.

Sport Today (Weekdays at 1315 & 1815 IST) brings the best from the last year, including the FIFA World Cup, the Tennis Grand Slams, the ICC Knockout tournament, and Michael Schumacher's riots of wins in Formula 1. Watch a series of sport reviews and sporting news stories of the year and a preview of sport in 2003.

The viewers could round the year 2002 and start 2003 with an eclectic mix of the best programming from BBC World - with news, business, analysis, sport and lifestyle programmes.

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