BBC World takes a look ‘Inside China’ throughout March

BBC World takes a look ‘Inside China’ throughout March

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Feb 29,2008 7:50 AM

BBC World takes a look ‘Inside China’ throughout March

BBC World will showcase ‘Inside China’, a themed series of news reports, documentary and factual programmes throughout March. ‘Inside China’ will examine the impact of China’s headlong rush for economic growth and mark the upcoming Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

‘Chinese School’, a five-part series explores the unique issues and priorities facing a school in China. The programme looks at the excitement of the upcoming Olympics, how the huge disparity in wealth among both pupils and tutors greatly affects their everyday lives, and how the One Child Policy has influenced parental expectations, classmate relationships and social values.

Yet another programme is on the ‘White Horse Village’, a community in China, situated a thousand miles from Beijing, which is regarded as the development spot for a new high-rise county capital. The hope is that this new metropolis would open up China’s interior, shifting the country’s centre of gravity west, and kickstarting an economic superpower. In three special programmes on this, BBC’s Carrie Gracie travels there to talk to the residents.

‘Looking for China Girl’ is about stories of an independent woman, a migrant worker desperate for a wife, and a local police unit fighting a spate of wife kidnappings. The programme investigates a problem, which could spell major trouble for the country’s future. However, this programme would not be showed in the Asia Pacific.

In the programme titled ‘China’s Terracotta Army’, presenter Dan Snow would take viewers through the making of the British Museum’s biggest exhibition in a generation, and would tell the story of its subject – the first Emperor of China – Qin Shihuangdi, one of the most important, but least well-known men in history, who founded the world’s oldest political entity and created the spectacular Terracotta Army to guard his vast tomb.

In an elementary school in the city of Wuham in central China, eight-year-old children compete for the position of class monitor. This, in many cases, would be their first encounter with democracy. ‘Please Vote For Me’ is a show that follows pupils as they vie for the coveted post, abetted and goaded by both teachers and parents. The purpose of the experiment is to determine how, if democracy came to China, it would be received.

Throughout the season, BBC World’s regular programmes would also feature special editions focusing on China. At various times throughout the month ‘HARDtalk’ and ‘extratime’ presenters Stephen Sackur and Rob Bonnet would travel to Beijing to interview a host of key players from the government, the Olympic Organising Committee, business sector, climate arena and culture.

Also, at various times throughout the month, there would be a series of live reports on BBC World’s hourly news bulletins and ‘World News Today’ programmes, focusing on the Chinese economy and the changing face of the country, with a range of guests and a number of video diaries that have been especially recorded for ‘Inside China’.

There is also a special page on the BBC World’s website, which would keep viewers up-to-date with all the latest programmes that make up the ‘Inside China’ season.

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