BBC World comes to Chennai’s Zam Bazaar to ‘Put News First’

BBC World comes to Chennai’s Zam Bazaar to ‘Put News First’

Author | Apeksha Gupta | Tuesday, Aug 16,2005 7:33 AM

BBC World comes to Chennai’s Zam Bazaar to ‘Put News First’

Journalism is not just about breaking news, but reporting it in true earnest and honesty. This is the philosophy BBC World follows, and this is the philosophy reflected in BBC’s global campaign, which is in its second phase now.

‘Putting News First’ ran its first phase from March to June this year that showed senior BBC journalists speak of their experiences and the extent to which they go to capture news in its essence.

Elaborating on the first phase, Seema Kotecha, Marketing Head, BBC World, said, “The campaign worked great. The research conducted post the break of the campaign indicated that viewers thought this campaign to be extremely true, real and reflecting the values that BBC stands for. However, what was lacking was the international scope since all the ads were located indoors, in the houses of our journalists.”

Learning from the first phase, the second phase, which is currently being shot, not only ensures that it continues to reflect the values of BBC, but also captures the global span of BBC.

Said Mark Tweddell, Creative Director, AMV BBDO, “We didn’t just want people talking into the camera this time while reliving their experiences. We wanted to show them relive every moment when talking about news they reported on”.

In this film, Navdeep (a BBC Delhi correspondent) is shown walking through a busy street of Chennai’s Zam Bazaar, where projections of Tsunami in the background are constantly displayed as she talks of the tragedy and brings it alive yet again.

Tsunami is a part of the four-part campaign, which consists of the Madrid bomb blasts, the Mozambique floods, and developments in Jerusalem, which have been prevalent for years now.

Each of these 60-second films will show a BBC journalist speak of the tragedy in a true setting, thus, not just not narrating the experience to the viewers, but also showing the expanse of BBC reporting.

“This campaign is going to be much more dynamic and involving for the audiences,” said Tweddell. There would be a third phase to this global campaign as well, added Kotecha, “This campaign idea is very extendable. There can be many more phases to this as this time we have taken only four places across the world. Every phase can have different places being spoken of in the campaign,” she added.

From a brief that required the agency to demonstrate how important world news is to BBC to “Putting News First” as the campaign idea, both BBC and AMV BBDO are extremely excited.

Also adding to the excitement is the shoot in India, which is the first time for both the agency and the director. Hoping not to miss anything, the team, along with director Adrian and production house Highlight, did not lose a second through the day as they invaded little-known corners of Chennai’s Zam Bazaar.

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