BBC launches its first central world news hub

BBC launches its first central world news hub

Author | Swapna Rahul Shah | Wednesday, Jul 09,2008 7:50 AM

BBC launches its first central world news hub

The BBC is bringing together its international expertise into one central world news hub. From July 7, BBC World News television, the BBC’s world online and newsgathering teams, and representatives from BBC World Service radio and online, have combined forces to create an unrivalled multimedia world news operation to support the BBC’s international news services.

Commenting on the development, Vaishali Sharma, Head of Marcom, BBC Global News, South Asia, said, “In BBC, we always set trends. The entire tri-media operation and a new studio and the recent refresh that has happened are very important for us. The entire objective of this is to provide our viewers international news on the channel which would be easily absorbed and understood. One of the most important things to understand is that in today’s scenario, people are consuming media very differently, their consumption patterns are also changing.”

Richard Porter, Head of News, BBC World News, said, “We’ve already made some significant changes this year with our new name of BBC World News and the channel rebrand. Now that our international news talent is in one location, we can further strengthen our output across TV, online and radio platforms. These changes, along with the new studio and news programming, demonstrate our commitment to providing viewers with the best international news and information available.”

Meanwhile, BBC World News television has launched ‘World News Today’, an hour-long programme with Mishal Husain at 13:00 GMT from Monday to Thursday, which targets the evening peak audiences across the Asia Pacific. The programme will bring viewers up-to-date with the latest global and regional news and analysis, plus interviews discussing the current news agenda.

Commenting on the programme, Sharma said, “We cover a whole gamut of news. One of our key strengths is to give news accurately, credibly and promptly from any part of the globe. Today, a lot of Indian viewers are interested in global news. We have the ability to provide the analysis to help viewers understand how news across the world is impacting them. ‘World News Today’ will provide the kind of international news that Indian viewers want and in a manner that they want to see.”

Mishal Husain, presenter of ‘World News Today’, noted, “I think our Asian audience wants more than headlines, they’re looking for fresh, thought-provoking angles on the issues that matter to them. ‘World News Today’ provides in-depth briefing and a way to hear the voices of those with real knowledge about the top stories.”

In a related development, BBC World News has started broadcasting from its new studio at BBC Television Centre in London from July 7. The new larger studio design has been created to fit with the recent channel rebrand, and would showcase a more creative on-screen look and incorporate bolder visuals. The set aims to create a more vibrant and flexible environment for both breaking news reports and longer-form news programming, allowing presenters to take a more informal approach standing in front of the big screen.

The 10:00 GMT news programme will also change from its regular half-hour format to an hour-long show, broadcasting more live events and breaking news, and would brings together Lucy Hockings and David Eades for a double-headed presentation.

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