BBC launches campaign for its show ‘World News Today’.

BBC launches campaign for its show ‘World News Today’.

Author | Rishi Vora | Monday, Aug 06,2007 9:44 AM

BBC launches campaign for its show ‘World News Today’.

BBC World has launched a campaign for its show ‘World News Today’, in an attempt to create better awareness about international news among Indian viewers. The channel has used a common theme across all media. Ads for Internet, radio and print have already been rolled out. For television, the company will soon place ads on channels like Discovery, Travel and Living, AXN, Zee Studio and Pix.

The show ‘World News Today’ was designed particularly to target Indian and Asian viewers, and covers issues and areas that primarily impact their lifestyle.

The show’s earlier campaign theme ‘What affects the world affects you’ has been used this time too. But this time the channel has strengthened its message by adding a punchy statement, which asks viewers to tune in for international developments, and get an insight how their behaviours, actions and lifestyles change due to several international phenomena. The campaign covers various issues like climate changes, rise of petrol prices, job opportunities, etc. that somehow impacts one’s day-to-day life.

In order to decide on a perfect mix of international issues or areas impacting Indian viewers, the channel has taken several inputs from its editorial team in India and elsewhere.

Commenting on the campaign, Vaishali Sharma, Head-Marketing and Communications India, BBC World, said, “Our idea was to cover those areas that are of great concern to Indian viewers. The closer you are to their concerns, the better it is for us.” She further explained that today, it is an exciting time for BBC news in India as people were now realising the importance of international news in their day-to-day lives.

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