B4U to use Amagi’s cloud-based playout services

B4U to use Amagi’s cloud-based playout services

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Jul 22,2015 8:51 AM

B4U to use Amagi’s cloud-based playout services

Amagi, the cloud-based broadcast infrastructure and targeted TV advertising company has been signed on by B4U Television Network India for a range of end-to-end cloud-based playout services to drive increased flexibility and cost savings.

Through its flagship channel playout platform, Cloudport 2.0, Amagi’s services will include playout, 24/7 monitoring, conditional access, and measurement systems leveraging satellite distribution from satellite operator, AsiaSat.

“Amagi’s playout services offer us improved flexibility, transparency, and channel control at very cost-effective rates. We are also delighted with the excellent technical support delivered by Amagi in transitioning from our earlier playout infrastructure in just under two months,” said Sandeep Gupta, Chief Financial Officer, B4U Network.

“With all our content assets on the cloud, we are in a position to efficiently expand to new geographies and target specific markets as the business demands. It also makes us future-ready, as Amagi’s platforms are extendable for content regionalisation, ad monetisation, and OTT platform integration,” he added.

The content and playlist will be contributed by B4U in Mumbai and the United Kingdom, while playout will be uplinked in Hong Kong via AsiaSat. The entire workflow will be brought together through Amagi’s cloud infrastructure and monitored by Amagi at its headquarters in Bangalore.

“Cloudport is rapidly becoming the preferred platform of choice for channel playout and management as TV networks look to leverage new efficiencies available through virtualised playout models. By supporting multi-site workflows and collaboration, our Cloudport platform dramatically enhances playout and distribution efficiencies for B4U Television Network India while enabling them to deliver a world-class entertainment experience to customers,” said Srividhya Srinivasan, Co-Founder, Amagi.

Philip Balaam, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, AsiaSat stated, “We are pleased to continue to support our client, B4U, with high availability ground and space integrated monitoring/control and up-linking service from our Tai Po Earth Station in Hong Kong, along with Amagi who provides end-to-end playout services, enabling B4U to enjoy a total transmission solution for access to Asia-Pacific-wide audiences via AsiaSat.”

The industry is seeing a steady increase in adoption of cloud-based managed playout services by TV networks in India.

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