B4U aims at refirming the brand with new personnel and programmes

B4U aims at refirming the brand with new personnel and programmes

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Jan 30,2004 7:27 AM

B4U aims at refirming the brand with new personnel and programmes

One media domain that is not deprived of action is the tube world. Channels are getting aggressive in trying to get the viewer and B4U network is preparing itself better to face the competition. With the induction of new heads in different departments, the network has stimulated changes not only its structure but also in its programming.

Fresh blood is infused in the channel operations in various departments. Some of the key changes include Samir Mazgaonkar taking over as Associate Vice President and Sales Head, Sanjay Surana heading Finance, Yugander V.V. taking over as Creative Head and Vishal Sankpal as Distribution Head.

As per the channel officials, the network's focus now is on re-firming the brand B4U. The strategies have a clear focus on events, real-time interactivity and film production.

Yugander expresses, "We will continue to celebrate Bollywood in our programming this year. The thrust will be to get more interactive and to have a feel of the audience pulse, no matter how broad the cross section, as long as they are Bollywood fans."

Speaking more about the network's plans for its content, he says, "We are looking at a continuous change in various areas of the content, which will be dependant on feedback and research."

The network plans to conduct qualitative and quantitative research at regular intervals to create sharper and focussed marketing and programming strategies. Rajnish Lall, CMO, B4U Network observes, "This will even help the brands to get more customised and give relevant exposure on the channel."

In the effort to provide an exhilarating experience to the viewers and value to the brands through the year, the network is planning various on-ground and on-air events in addition to the programs, vignettes and channel IDs. These events will target a cross section of music lovers that B4U targets globally. "We will roll out with our VJ Scoutin' pretty soon to induct some fresh talents, as well," explains Lall, "These events will help the viewers experience the effervescence of the brand B4U, at the ground level and to have a better connect with the audience and the brands."

On the sales front too, the network has a few plans. Mazgaonkar elucidates, "The Sales Strategy is pretty simple - identify clients and give customised solution, basically 360 degree of marketing plan, not just on-air deal but also on ground, press, radio, outdoor and Internet. And the changes have already started showing the results."

The network is pleased with its recently Salaam Mumbai show in Mumbai. "We were very happy to get brands like Maruti & LML as sponsors. The show turned to be a huge success. The revenues are slowly but steadily going up as more and more effort is being put into client driven packages and events."

He explains further, "We at B4U want to call ourselves more of Client Servicing managers rather than sales team. Clients are appreciating the fact that we are creating concepts keeping the brand in mind and not just doing an FCT deal."

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