AXN seeks to notch up numbers with new crime drama ‘Numb3rs’

AXN seeks to notch up numbers with new crime drama ‘Numb3rs’

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Nov 12,2005 9:19 AM

AXN seeks to notch up numbers with new crime drama ‘Numb3rs’

If you have a penchant for watching thrilling and mysterious shows, then it is time to tune in to AXN. The channel has kick-started a brand-new, thrilling and mysterious crime-drama series called ‘Numb3rs’ from today at 7 pm.

‘Numb3rs’ has FBI agents solving baffling cases with the help of a mathematician and comes from the producers and directors of Hollywood hits like ‘Gladiator’, ‘Black Hawk Down’ and ‘Enemy of the State’.

Based on real life cases, executive producers Tony and Ridley Scott have directed these real life events and carefully interspersed them into a highly realistic crime drama that depicts how mathematical equations can give direction to answers in the most confounding crimes.

The show revolves around Don Eppes, an FBI Agent with a secret weapon - his mathematical genius of a brother, Charlie. He recruits Charlie to solve crime using mathematical equations, which pinpoints the origins of the crime. Don is a dedicated and seasoned investigator who deals with hard facts and evidence while Charlie functions in a world of mathematical probabilities, equations, algorithms and science.

With a refreshing focus on family, ‘Numb3rs’ plays out the quirky fraternal energy between Don and Charlie as it weaves in the tight relationship with their father, Alan Eppes.

The lead Rob Morrow, who plays Don Eppes, is best known for his role in 'Northern Exposure’, which won him three Golden Globes and two Emmy nominations. While David Krumholtz best remembered for his supporting performance in the 'Lyon's Den' (2003), plays the role of Charlie Eppes. Besides, Judd Hirsch and Peter MacNicol of 'Ally MacBeal' fame are some of the other veteran actors of this series.

Numb3rs has become an instant hit series in the US thereby generating a big viewer ship of around 25 million.

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