Awaaz introduces 'Consumer Vote 2005' to adjudged India's best brands

Awaaz introduces 'Consumer Vote 2005' to adjudged India's best brands

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, May 03,2005 7:38 AM

Awaaz introduces 'Consumer Vote 2005' to adjudged India's best brands

Consumer is truly the king and the attempt is to make the king decide which Indian brand truly deserves the applause. And Awaaz, the Hindi business channel from CNBC's stable, has taken up this initiative to discover the 'King brands.'

The channel has launched an exhaustive Consumer Preference Poll for India's best brands called 'Awaaz Consumer Vote 2005'. Leading researcher AC Nielsen ORG MARG has conducted the research spanning 22 service categories across the country in 21 locations with about 7,000 people participating in the survey.

The current market scenario comprises the modern Indian customer who is a well-informed individual and has the freedom to choose from a host of brands available in the market. The power to choose, to spend and the power to make or break a brand all rest with the consumer ultimately. In such a scenario, brand building has become much more vital and much harder than ever before.

Awaaz has taken the onus to arrive at a list of the "most preferred Brands" as perceived by the end- consumer for each of the product categories covered in this study. Banks, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Telecom. Automobiles are among the 22 service categories that the poll will cover.

On the survey conducted, Ajay Chacko, Head-Marketing, said, "The Indian market is becoming a buyer's market where a multitude of brands give the customer the power to choose. Brand building and sustenance is even more vital, today given the current competitive market scenario. Through this study, Awaaz stands by its proposition of being the 'Voice of the Indian Consumer'. We would like to capture the attributes that make a brand popular."

The survey will inform consumers on the most preferred brand while at the same time make the advertisers and manufacturers aware of parameters on which consumer prefers a particular brand over others.

"Preferred brand rather than favourite brand has been the parameter captured, in this study since preference is deemed to reflect experiential and thereby more realistic responses. To a great extent, preference also indicates future intentions of repeat purchases," he said.

To arrive at the results, a large-scale quantitative research technique would be adopted on adults in the age group of 18-60 years comprising males and females belonging to SEC A, B & C households in different parts of the country.

The consumer vote survey will culminate into a Consumer Awards Ceremony in June 2005 that will voice the consumer's opinion. The Biggest Consumer Awards in the country will bring together regulators, marketers, decision makers, policymakers, planners and agencies, where the final verdict will be by the consumers. The results will be documented in a research handbook co-authored by Awaaz and AC Nielsen ORG MARG, which will be published in June 2005.

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