Asianet successfully experiments with horror genre

Asianet successfully experiments with horror genre

Author | Abitha G. | Monday, Apr 26,2004 8:10 AM

Asianet successfully experiments with horror genre

Asianet launched Kadamattathu Kathanar recently with the belief that folklore and rituals are an integral element in the rural life of Kerala. The storyline is expected to deliver a fresh and interesting perspective, which weaves elements of folk culture with facts and fiction.

The story, a mystery, is spun around a beautiful demon or ‘yakshi’ who haunts a village and a family in particular. After futile attempts in coping with the attack of this merciless demon, the villagers approach a Christian priest, the Kadamattathu Kathanar. What ensues between him and the `yakshi,’ with more sub plots thrown in, is the content of the serial.

Talking about the story plot, Anto Puthiry, General Manager, Asianet, said, “Kadamatattathu Kathanar shows how a story can be told with unique words and situation, which add a new dimension to the theme and its treatment. The story moves into he realms of dark experiences of human soul in all its intensity, the spine chilling horror and magic.” Movie director T S Suresh Babu directs the serial. The TVR for the four weeks (between 07th Mar to 03rd April 2004) for TG C&S 4+years is 17.53.

Speaking of the initial performance of Kadamattathu Kathanar, Anto Puthiry, said, “The newly launched daily Serial Kadamattathu Kathanar is a great success, it has gathered excellent viewership in all age groups and has been on top order in week after week ratings since its launch. Kadamattathu Kathanar is horror based serial with a gripping story line. This serial has been accepted by all TGS (male, female and kids) since day one, as it is the first time ever in Malayalam small screen industry where there is so much of graphics and animation incorporated. A lot of care is being taken to make this serial more and more exciting so the performance keeps growing.”

Asianet also has plans to launch two to three Mega Serials, which are expected to be on air soon. Talking about his opinion of what works in the Kerela market, Anto Puthiry, said, “Daily soaps, Current Affair, News, Sports and Movies are segments, which work best on Malayalam TV Channel, but this market has been showing a lot of improvement on viewership over the daily soap segment taking an edge over the movies. When compared TVRs — premier movies v/s daily soaps, daily soaps do deliver better TVRs than the premier movies.”

Speaking of future plans, he further reveals, “Our strategies and plans are to provide the viewer with a mix of content like horror, thriller and true base stories other than the regular tragedy, family and romance oriented serials. The viewers require good programming and content. Kadamattathu Kathanar is a clear example. We also are planning to have new generation studio base programs, which will be for first time ever in Kerala. We are sure that these changes will increase the gap in channel performance, strengthening and leading us far ahead over competition.”

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