Asianet Plus channel goes for total revamp

Asianet Plus channel goes for total revamp

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Saturday, Jul 04,2009 8:56 AM

Asianet Plus channel goes for total revamp

Malayalam music channel Asianet Plus, part of Star Jupiter Entertainment Television Ltd, has decided to go in for a complete revamp of its programming content. The channel, which so far had focused on music and comedy-based shows, is now looking at having a good mix of reality shows.

Asianet Plus is trying to change the look and feel of the channel by introducing a host of new shows. The channel has introduced four new shows from the first week of July. Earlier in June, too, the channel had introduced several new shows.

The newly-introduced shows include – ‘A walk with Subida’, a travelogue on the interiors of Kerala; ‘Iron Hearts’, an adventure programme for the weekends; ‘Aithehya Keralam’, a programme on the belief systems of the state; and ‘Super Chef’, a cookery show to be shot in various exotic locations in Kerala.

“Basically we want to change the look and feel of the channel. We are trying to position Asianet Plus as a general entertainment channel,” said MR Rajan, the channel’s Assistant Vice-President - Programming.

Earlier, the thrust was on music and comedy-based shows targeted at youth of Kerala. Now, while keeping the certain identity of that positioning of the channel, Asianet Plus is introducing several new programme in order to get family viewership to the channel.

The change has reflected in the channel’s ratings as well, claims Rajan. According to him there was around a 30 per cent jump in viewership after they started introducing the new set of programmes. Rajan, however, clarified that Asianet Plus was not competing with the main channel – Asianet – which has got lot of soaps and film-based programmes.

“We are experimenting with a new set of programming. Our main channel does not have cookery and travelogue kind of programmes,” he added.

The channel plans to introduce a new set of programmes in the beginning of every month for the next few months. The channel’s spokesperson said that they had been getting good response from the advertisers, too, after the introduction of the new set of programmes. “Now that the channel ratings have gone up, we are getting even good response from the advertisers, which is encouraging. Earlier, we were in third place, but after introducing these changes, we are closing the gap with Surya TV, and now we are ahead of Surya,” Rajan claimed.

Earlier, Asianet Plus was competing with Kiran TV, a music and film-based television channel from Sun Network. So, is Asianet Plus planning to introduce soaps in the future? Said Rajan, “Maybe, we might introduce serials that are different from what Asianet telecasts.”

On whether the viewership of Asianet would be affected, Rajan said, “Maybe there is crossover of viewership. But we are targeting a mature, educated audience which likes to watch humour, music, adventure, etc.”

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