Asian Centre for Entertainment Education launches 'The Third Eye'

Asian Centre for Entertainment Education launches 'The Third Eye'

Author | Saloni Dutta | Friday, Jul 19,2013 7:50 AM

Asian Centre for Entertainment Education launches 'The Third Eye'

Borrowing its model from Hollywood Health and Society (HH&S), Asian Centre for Entertainment Education (ACEE) launched its programme ‘The Third Eye’ in Mumbai. The programme is led by film maker Mahesh Bhatt and aims to support the creative communities of the media and entertainment industries of India with timely facts on key health, gender, legal and social issues, so that those storylines created for mainstream content across all media which often dramatise fiction, can incorporate information with accuracy, making their stories more compelling.

HH&S have supported many storylines in Hollywood, in mainstream programmes including Private Practice, 90210, Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. It will guide ACEE to implement ‘The Third Eye’, based on its existing model in Hollywood, which will also support writers and creative people with information and detail through various touch-points.

Sandra de Castro Buffington, Director, HH&S said, “Looking at the fast pace of growth of Indian media industry, it is critical that the creative community has resources for inspiration, information and verification of facts at its disposal.”

Speaking on the initiative, Mahesh Bhatt said, “At ACEE, we believe that stories backed with solid research can create content which will enter popular culture and have a profound social impact.”

Workshops, story tours and road trips to sensitise writers on existing developing issues, exposing them to real stories, will be organised on a regular basis. Vinta Nanda and Augustine Veliath, Co-Founders of ACEE will closely work with Sandra de Castro Buffington, Director, HH&S and Chris Dzialo, Program Administrator, HH&S to help run the programme smoothly and achieve its goals.

The industry has already its eyes set out on the programme for help with its current or future projects. Director Kalpana Lajmi, who is co-writing a script titled ‘Safed Doli’, based on the struggle of a girl child in a story set in rural Bihar, is working with people from ‘The Third Eye’ for the same. Producer, Director and Actor Soni Razdan, with Co-Producer Vinta Nanda, is working on the soon-to-be-launched talk show for women ‘Madat’, and is in consultation with people from programme for it. Producer, Director Pooja Bhatt also plans to use the service for one of her upcoming films which is based on a true story published recently in Tehelka, set at the borders of India and Bangladesh.

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