As technology expands, a new way of watching TV will grow the market: Dr. Subhash Chandra

As technology expands, a new way of watching TV will grow the market: Dr. Subhash Chandra

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Oct 09,2015 8:17 AM

As technology expands, a new way of watching TV will grow the market: Dr. Subhash Chandra

At the 15th edition of the exchange4media Conclave, which took place in Mumbai on last night, Dr. Subhash Chandra, Chairman, ZEEL & Essel Group, spoke about how technology has changed lives of people by freeing their minds of technical aspects of life in order to give more space for creativity and ideas. He started with simple examples such as the calculator to even a time when the cell phone came into existence and how they helped free the mind from simple things to give opportunities to think of creative ideas. He said that the technology can only act as a facilitator to help solve problems, it is only the human mind that can provide the creativity to find solutions.

Dr. Chandra said, “Nowadays when I look at technology and especially when I look at my colleagues working in the company or other companies. The best is to appoint a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The CTO then builds a large team of technocrats around the technology department. What I have understood from about technology from my life in 20 years is that technology is a partner if you can make a partnership with it.”

He further added, “Recently we were about to launch English News channel. So we were discussing the whole technology engine we are going to use. After understanding technology I said why don’t we have a vision that we are not going to be a news organisation but we are going to be technology company incidentally giving news. That is the position that we have decided last week for our English new channel.”

He said that social media is making the marketing task much easier than what he used to do. Through social media such as Twitter news can be broken and further follow up stories can also be created which gives an in-depth analysis. Technology he says enables them to give news in many different ways to the viewer who is searching for information.

Dr. Chandra said that there are a lot of questions being asked about start-ups in the country today. He said, “When I started television in this country the film industry felt that we will kill them. But the reverse happened, we promoted the industry and partnered with it. The same way the start-ups in the country they are neither a problem nor a complete game changer. I am sure the traditional things will survive and they will expand the market.”

“Technology will expand the markets. It will free up our mind space to bigger things and increase our capacity of our brain, human point and so forth and things will coexist. People say that Indian television as it exists 10 years from now will be dead. At Zee we do take technology seriously and our leading in Asia with our technology. But still I would say this will survive but at the same time the new way of watching television will grow the market and grow the engagement of the content leaders, give more opportunities to marketers and expand the market as a whole,” said Dr. Chandra. 

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