Arnab and Modi : Was it a battle of equals?

Arnab and Modi : Was it a battle of equals?

Author | Avijit Arya | Monday, May 12,2014 8:08 AM

Arnab and Modi : Was it a battle of equals?

Modi Jee, Mr Modi, these words came naturally to Mr Goswami for the first time in all his interviews with larger than life personas that he loves shredding to pieces and enjoys getting them to lose their cool while he ignores reactions and keeps his foot in the pedal and machine guns them with a carefully selected set of rhetoric which give him the exact answer he's waiting for.

Much like Abdul Quadir or Ravi Shashtri, when they placed a fielder near the batsmen knowing the ball will fall right into their hands as a result of playing their unbeatable spins.

But Mr Modi like a true Prime Minister- to- be of the largest democracy of the world took charge without raising his decibels even once, and put Mr Goswami in his place  whenever he felt he was going out of line.

Greatest showmen of 2014 on TV,Arnab Goswami and Kapil Sharma fall short and have the limelight taken away very seldom and this was one of those rare moments.

And I saw a similarity inMr Modi’s demeanour with Amitabh Bachchan in terms of calm and composed replies.

But as a student of filmmaking myself, I cannot help but see everything as a set and every show as a scripted show, so I'm not saying Mr Modi’s replies were or needed to be scripted but Arnab’s respectful and down to earth approach went with the sentiment of the country and thereby adding further zeal to the show and his personality.

Sometimes you don't need to scream and shout to make the show be talked about. Maybe this was that.

End of the day the fact that whatever Arnab does is talked about says a lot about the man who knows no fear on TV and is the most watched personality in India. Though at times he's the biggest headache on TV but he's missed when he's away and others try hard to imitate him

Modi Jee, the true lion of India further gave hope to the country that after ten years of a meek prime minister we will have a strong personality represent us across the world.

I'm excited about our future.

The author is President & CEO of Internet Moguls.

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