Are producers in Chennai open to a change of trends?

Are producers in Chennai open to a change of trends?

Author | Roopa Sarah Thomas | Tuesday, Sep 03,2002 7:12 AM

Are producers in Chennai open to a change of trends?

The tale of two warring families fighting for control over a magnificent temple with a legend, is Radaan's latest offering after the astounding success of 'Chitthi'. This winner which enjoys as much loyalty as its predecessor moves forward, because of its strong female protagonist that tackles various problems in a small town. With its ongoing success, one wonders if viewers in Tamil Nadu need a change of programs with more live interactive shows.

According to Kammini Srikanth, GM-Post Production, Minbimbangal, "A complete change in the ongoing trend of airing soaps with women is doubtful. Despite the success of 'Kathai alla nijam', people still love their daily soaps. So I don't think they will give them up completely". She added however that 'Veetiku Veedu Lotti' [Jaya TV] got the attention of viewers because after hours of intense drama, they needed one such comedy.

Perhaps this is why 'Kathai alla nijam' worked with an audience that was gradually growing tired of living the perfect daughter -in -law's life or the abandoned wife's plight, claim many. With the trend catching on, channels like Jaya TV are airing game shows like 'Koteeshwari' with Khusboo, talk shows with actresses like Revathy and live interactive thrillers where after half an hour of showing the plot, viewers can call in and give their opinions on who the murderer is.

Exudes actress/director Revathy, Telephoto Entertainment Limited, "We need to experiment with television, but unfortunately we are unable to do so. Since most serials are sponsor-based, we are forced to comply with their demands. So there is very little scope for change". She said however that seeing the popularity of Lakshmi's 'Kathai alla nijam', she is hopeful that this trend will change.

But are the people complaining? According to a Revathy, "People have had an overdose of seeing similar serials with similar characters. They have started complaining, as they need more to chose from".

Kammini however explains that people will accept any program that will good and well packaged. She explained, "It is like in the movies. Some films work, some don't, and for no particular reason. Similarly, though most serials are similar, some of them are popular because of the way in which they are handled". She elucidates with the examples of 'Anni' [Jaya TV] and Marumagal [Vijay TV] that both deal with daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law. However, while 'Anni' had clicked, 'Marumagal' hadn't.

But a gradual change is in sight. With Minbimbangal's 'Kathai alla nijam' giving rise to a new trend, and Telephoto working towards creating new live interactive shows, a viewer in Tamil Nadu will have a lot to chose from.

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