Are news channels our representative or are they repetitive?

Are news channels our representative or are they repetitive?

Author | Gunjan Verma | Tuesday, Jan 21,2014 10:19 AM

Are news channels our representative or are they repetitive?

Industry experts stress on balanced reporting when it comes to news. However, in the race to get the news out first and in the race for TRPs, is the viewer sidelined?

Dilshad Master, Co-Founder, FarInto Traveller noted, “To give the right news in the correct form, one needs to be balanced, report both sides of the story, while opinions should rest aside. The news industry has changed in the last one decade and that is a reason enough to nurture independent journalism even more and present the reality in its true form. People do not listen to news channels to be informed as there are more active internet tools such as Twitter or Facebook that inform us well in advance. “Thus, television channels need to work on their current formats to present the news in true light and present more than mere facts,” Master added.

Ravi M Khanna, Former South Asia Bureau Chief, Voice of America stressed, “We have to learn to differentiate between news and opinion. He explained that if a viewer can differentiate between the two, he can never be sidelined as he will hold an opinion of his own and can act and react to certain news in his own way. “There is a huge need that viewers be called on well-known talk shows to express their opinion rather than the regular guests, who become repeated faces on such shows,” Khanna added.

“In the race to beat the TRPs and stand in the numero uno position, there is a need to understand if our television news channels are becoming a representative of our society or are they being repetitive of the ‘hatke’ news, because that will decide if the channels are going in the right direction or not,” commented Sanjeev Srivastava, Editor-in-Chief, Focus Television Network.

Jagat Dave, MD, Ambit Corporate Finance felt that viewer engagement is important and needs to be worked upon with an interesting business model, because news channels should not only think about just broadcasting news as viewers are updated every second from many other technology sources.

Dilshad Master, Ravi M Khanna, Sanjeev Srivastava, and Jagat Dave shared their views during a panel discussion at News Next 2014, organised by exchange4media in New Delhi on January 18. The panel was moderated by Deepak Chaurasia, Editor-in-Chief, India News. NewsX was the presenting sponsor of the event.

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