Apurva Purohit gets ready for an innings at Times television

Apurva Purohit gets ready for an innings at Times television

Author | Ritu Midha | Wednesday, Jan 14,2004 7:22 AM

Apurva Purohit gets ready for an innings at Times television

Apurva Purohit moved from one side of the fence to the other in June 2002. She shifted from being National Media Director, Lodestar to being President Zee TV. When Sandeep Goyal, group-broadcasting CEO quit Zee group in October 2002, Purohit stepped into the leader’s shoes as far as the flagship channel of the group was concerned.

A year and a month after she was assigned the role, she put in her papers. Close on the heels of Tarun Katial quitting Star Plus, the movement created quite a ripple. The speculations were on about their destination. Katial joined Sony as Executive Vice President, and the entire focus shifted to Purohit.

The grapevine was agog with her joining this channel or that – from Disney to Star to History Channel to joining hands with Rajat Sharma for his channels-in-the-pipeline. One thing no one discussed was Times entertainment channels, till a little birdie last morning decided to sing.

First expression of surprise — is it? But when are the channels being launched? A call to Arun Arora and another to Apurva Purohit confirmed the information. Long live the little birdies!

Arun Arora confirmed the news of Purohit coming on board. When asked when the channels would go on air and which other appointments were on card, Arora states, “Apurva will take these decisions once she comes on board.”

Purohit, meanwhile, is serving her notice period in Zee before she moves to Times of India group. As to her mandate at the new job, she states, “Times is starting off the television project. My brief is to start it from the zero base and take it forward. I am getting ready to face the new challenges.” When would she join? “I am still serving my notice period at Zee and have not made up my mind as to when I will join.”

As for her stay at Zee, she says, “It was a wonderful experience. I learnt a lot.”

The Times of India’s television venture has been under discussion for quite some time — and with Purohit’s appointment they have set the ball rolling. Times has roped in one of the most well known names in Indian television industry today, and the group itself is a force to reckon with. Can the two create magic?

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