Apsara Awards pull female viewers, drive numbers for NDTV

Apsara Awards pull female viewers, drive numbers for NDTV

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Jun 14,2004 8:26 AM

Apsara Awards pull female viewers, drive numbers for NDTV

NDTV airing the live telecast of Apsara Producers’ Guild Awards is an interesting step for the news category. This is the first time a news channel has carried out live broadcast of an entertainment event. What makes it more interesting is that the experiment, in terms of numbers, has paid off.

Looking at figures here, for the target CS 15+ ABC, in the Hindi speaking markets, the Saturday, 8 pm to midnight band, on May 29, 2004, taken by Apsara Awards, gives NDTV India, the channel share of 2.64 per cent. In the preceding week 20 and 21, this band gives the channel, shares of 2.13 and 3.11 respectively. But these are election weeks, when the news genre, in any case, experienced a high TRP. In the weeks preceding these, however, that is week 18 and 19, the channel’s shares were at 1.86 and 1.25, almost doubling the growth of week 22.

The increase, however, comes from the female TG. For the preceding four weeks, Aaj Tak has the strongest hold of the CS ABC 15+ females. But week 22 changes that in favour of NDTV India. The channel has 2.75 per cent share from this audience whereas STAR News has 1.75, Zee News, 1.65 and Aaj Tak, a 1.25 per cent.

Needless to say that unlike each of the preceding weeks, when NDTV India figured in the second or third slot amongst news channels, in this week, it leads the slot. Zee News recorded 1.99 per cent, Aaj Tak, 1.83 per cent and STAR News 1.71 per cent.

"NDTV took this prestigious award seriously and in continuation of our overall strategy, where we are committed to offer the best on our channels. The acquisition of Apsara awards turns to be a significant milestone. We saw a commitment to credibility and transparency by the Guild in the awards, the very standards that we as a company believe in. By this initiative, we have set new standards in live entertainment broadcast,” says Raj Nayak, CEO, NDTV Media.

In terms of numbers, the event has indeed delivered for the channel. The success of the event indicates that the experiment to try different properties on news channels has worked marking a development of the category itself.

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