Another two-minute story from Zee Cinema

Another two-minute story from Zee Cinema

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Apr 06,2007 9:39 AM

Another two-minute story from Zee Cinema

Zee Cinema is a believer in long brand films. Following the buzz that the channel had created with its promo ‘Paap Ka Anth’ in 2005, it has now launched ‘Pyaar Ki Shuruaat’. Unlike ‘Paap Ka Anth’, which was a thriller, ‘Pyaar Ki Shuruaat’ is a love story. The brand film premiered on April 1, 2007 at Genting, Malaysia during the tenth Zee Cine Awards and then subsequently released on Zee Cinema on April 2, 2007.

Footcandles’ Rajesh Krishnan has directed the film.

Bharat Ranga, Business Head, Zee Cinema said, “Zee Cinema is the pioneer of two-minute films in India with the first 2 min thriller ‘Paap Ka Anth’, it was only natural that we take forward the concept, albeit with a different genre this time, hence ‘Pyaar Ki Shuruaat’.

He added, “Zee Cinema is all about Indian family values. Our viewer is the quintessential Indian who values love, warmth and friendliness. This short film is our expression of the gratitude we have towards our viewers. ‘Pyaar Ki Shuruaat’ is further testimony to our commitment of bringing innovative entertainment to people.”

‘Pyaar Ki Shuruaat’ is an entertaining love story that demonstrates how Zee Cinema transforms the lives of ordinary people with extraordinary entertainment. The film is an inter-community love story, where the protagonists belong to different faiths. Kabir Singh (Nitin Nayyar) meets Salma (Gargi Sharma) in a boarding school (Khandani Mahavidyalay) far away from their villages and their cultures.

Their romance blossoms oblivious of cultural conflicts. He is a Thakur from Ramgarh and she belongs to a Pathan family from Aligarh. Their families have been staunch enemies for generations. As expected, their love meets with stiff opposition from their cultures and families. However Zee Cinema transforms the opposition to love and brings the family and the lovebirds together.

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