Animax hunts for India’s wackiest voice

Animax hunts for India’s wackiest voice

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Thursday, Oct 11,2007 8:26 AM

Animax hunts for India’s wackiest voice

Youth animated channel Animax has organised an event in search for the wackiest voice talent in India, called ‘Animax Wacky Jockey Talent Hunt 2007’. The hunt has been organised in order to provide a creative platform for youth talent in India, whereby the winner will get the opportunity to voice over the first Live action game show on the channel.

Judy Chow, Director of Marketing, South East Asia, Animax, believes that since the channel is youth-oriented, it is very necessary to encourage the youth of today to be creative and to follow their dreams. She explained, “We organised the ‘Animax Wacky Jockey Talent Hunt’ to provide a creative platform for youth talent in India, where the winner gets the opportunity to voice over the first Live action game show on the channel. It will also serve to inspire other youths to similarly pursue their interests and not be daunted by any obstacles that they may face along the way in their pursuit, as their determination and perseverance will bear fruits eventually.”

On the marketing communication, the channel has a tie-up with Radio Mirchi, which is a key component of the campaign communication. The channel has also panned out some ATL and BTL activities and events that include distribution of flyers at youth hangouts like cafes, colleges, malls and multiplexes. On-air cross-channel promotions are being done on AXN, PIX, SET, SAB and MAX, while online banners on the Animax India website and other PR activities are also being undertaken.

The marketing campaign has been divided into two phases. The channel has recently concluded its first phase. Chow added, “We have just concluded the first phase which is the talent hunt. This is the platform for us to search for a voice talent who will then do the voiceover for the first live action game show that we will be premiering on Animax in India, called ‘Viking’, which is scheduled for November 2007 broadcast. That will be the second and final phase in this entire campaign whereby Animax as a youth portal would try to provide a platform for the youth today to express their creativity.”

The process of the hunt was divided into three elimination rounds. The final eight shortlisted candidates reached the last round, and they had to act out a high drama situation using only his/her own voice and music as support. The winner was the one who demonstrated the most talent in diction, pitch and emotion.

The selection and audition processes were held in colleges of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The winners were decided by a panel of judges comprising a voice director from Animax and a radio jockey from Radio Mirchi.

Karan Sinroja from Mumbai, Simar Khurana from Delhi and Archit Narasiman from Bangalore were declared winners, while the overall winner of the talent hunt was Sinroja. These three would be interning with Radio Mirchi as satellite jockeys for a month, in addition to doing the voiceover of ‘Viking’ on Animax.

While Radio Mirchi is the channel’s promotional partner, Set Wet is the key sponsor, and Compaq HP and Head & Shoulders are the co-sponsors.

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