aMap reflects expectations around KBC 2 with high opening numbers

aMap reflects expectations around KBC 2 with high opening numbers

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Aug 08,2005 7:03 AM

aMap reflects expectations around KBC 2 with high opening numbers

‘KBC 2’ is here and everybody is waiting for the week to end to get the TAM Media Research numbers. In the meanwhile, aMap numbers indicating a 244 per cent jump in the slot reflect the expectations that the media fraternity has from the show.

To put matters into perspective, as per aMap, ‘KBC 2’ delivered 8.9 in the CS 4+ for the markets of Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad on August 5. The average ratings for this slot in July, which so far had ‘LOC’, for the three markets is 2.5. If a comparison to TAM is sought, ‘LOC’ at an average delivered almost 5+ for these markets in July.

On being queried, media experts offered that such a jump was expected. Manish Porwal, Executive Director, Starcom (West), commented on the increase in the slot, “I wouldn’t have a benchmark for aMap, but according to me, the 240 per cent growth is just within the lower end of the spectrum of expectations from KBC 2.”

Divya Radhakrishnan, Vice-President, The Media Edge, offered more based on the analysis they did around the show. “We were expecting the show to rate anywhere between the present 9.00 pm delivery, which is over a 8 plus but below the top deliverers, which is around 14 plus. Anything in between is great. If the aMap growth of 240 per cent is seen, I think it would be the result of the marketing efforts around the show.”

A point that Porwal brought here was that the break TVRs, too, would throw an interesting trend for KBC 2. “The drop in break TVRs from programming TVRs would also be lower and that is a good thing too.”

The experts agreed on the high expectations from KBC 2, which aMap reiterated. But in regards to the first impressions of the show, they have a slight difference in opinion.

Porwal observed, “The audience would have been surprised with what they saw in the opening episode. Given the changing television dynamics, KBC 2 must have attracted many new eyeballs, but for the viewers who have seen the show already, some might have felt a bit alienated.”

He, however, added that this would take anything away from the first week at least and the audience would form opinions after watching a couple of episodes. Radhakrishnan on the other hand, expressed, “The show itself isn’t very different from the last run. Amitabh Bachchan is looking far more confident now and the show is looking very vibrant, young and energetic.”

The game is set, questions are contemporary and STAR India will continue its content and marketing focus to get the best from the property that redefined television in 2000. Four more days and we will get an idea of what it is doing for 2005, when the TAM opening numbers arrive.

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