Airtel Champions League gets mixed reviews from planners

Airtel Champions League gets mixed reviews from planners

Author | Khushboo Tanna | Monday, Sep 20,2010 8:03 AM

Airtel Champions League gets mixed reviews from planners

Airtel Champions League has had a tough task chalked out for it since the beginning. While they did manage to get Amitabh Bachchan on board to endorse the tournament and unleash a multimedia campaign to put the tournament in the limelight, the popularity of the tournament is still overshadowed by the IPL.

As per TAM ratings, the opening ceremony, which was held on September 10, managed to get a TVR of 0.91 (C&S 4+, All India). However, the first match between Mumbai Indians and Highveld Lions got a rating of 2.45 TVR and possibly because an Indian team was playing. The second match between Warriors and Wayamba Elevens managed to get a rating of 0.64 TVR, while the ratings picked up slightly with the third match between Chennai Super Kings and Central Stags, which got a rating of 1.82 TVR.

Media planners, however, have mixed reviews on the numbers that these matches delivered.

Commenting on the ratings, Rajneesh Chaturvedi, National Director, MEC Access, said, “The ratings will be skewed towards the matches where Indian teams are playing. A rating of 2 TVR is good and going further and if the Indian teams perform well, then the ratings can increase by 10-20 per cent.”

He added that if the final was between two Indian teams, there was a possibility of a 15-25 per cent hike in the ratings.

However, Kunal Jamuar, GM, Madison Media, pointed out that these ratings were far lower than the ratings of the IPL and that was because there were more teams that were local in the IPL. “Considering that there are only a few Indian teams in this tournament, the interest levels are low,” he added.

He further said, that a rating of 4+ would be considered as a good number for this tournament.

However, considering that there is approximately 50-60 per cent difference between the ad spot rates between the IPL and Champions League, some brands might find this to be a better fit for their audience as compared to the IPL.

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