After reality, Amrita TV out to do an Indian version of ‘Amazing Race’

After reality, Amrita TV out to do an Indian version of ‘Amazing Race’

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Friday, Feb 29,2008 7:53 AM

After reality, Amrita TV out to do an Indian version of ‘Amazing Race’

After enthralling the viewers with a slew of reality shows, Amrita Television is set to take television viewing to next level with, what it calls, an ‘actuality’ show – ‘Great India Race’ – wherein contestants, unlike in the music and dance reality shows, would be in the actual world facing actual realities, minus the rehearsals, without takes, and without a second chance. ‘Great India Race’ is bound to remind viewers of the immensely popular ‘Amazing Race’ series.

The contestants of ‘Great India Race’ would race across the length and breadth of the Indian Sub-continent, guided only by cryptic clues given to them when they reach a specified leg in the journey. ‘Great India Race’ would be a competition between partners who would function in pairs. Thus, each team would consist of two people who could be friends, spouses, siblings, etc. All the participants need to be above 21 years.

Every competing pair-partner team may have to travel by trains, buses, autos, taxis, and even bullock carts as the situation demands and need to negotiate busy roads, trek lonely paths, climb mountains, cross rivers, experience different cultures, taste different food – in short, experience the great physical and socio-cultural diversity of India.

Each ‘Great India Race’ team would be provided a fixed sum of money for completing every leg of competition, and the participants have to manage their journey with that money. The entire experience of every contestant team would be captured by the Amrita TV team, which would record almost every move of the pair-partners from the beginning to the moment they are eliminated. This professionally shot footage would be telecast in the ‘Great India Race’ show on Amrita TV from the first week of April.

Aspirants from across the country can register by sending CVs and CDs of the team, which should demonstrate their attitude towards life with an adventurous spirit, demonstrating the mutual chemistry. The channel has fixed March 8, 2008 as the last day for receiving entries.

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