Advisory panel discusses strategy for Sahara-Percept talent hunt

Advisory panel discusses strategy for Sahara-Percept talent hunt

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Jul 05,2004 8:33 AM

Advisory panel discusses strategy for Sahara-Percept talent hunt

At a time, when most of the channels have been involved in different kinds of talent hunts, for Sahara and Percept D’ Mark, ‘Mr and Ms Bollywood’ was the first to set the ball rolling. The nationwide hunt, which is still in the on-ground activity stage, has come half way and got its advisory panel together to discuss ways of going forward.

While most talent hunts maintain that the main objective behind the activity is the television property that it will result in, ‘Mr and Ms Bollywood’ focuses more on the talent pool. The hunt seeks 30 finalists, six of whom will be used in movies. A reason why the hunt is put in place is due to Sahara and Percept’s associations for movie productions.

Speaking more on the progress of the activity, Sanjay Lal, President, Percept D’ Mark, shares, “We have completed our activities in all the cities and after the various rounds, have come down to 74 participants. The advisory panel gets together periodically to review the work that is done and then advise on the plan of action that we present for the next stages.”

Touching upon the feedback from the advisory panel that consists of names like Asha Parekh, Ken Ghosh, Ashok Salian and others, he says, “The panel was unanimous about the quality of participants we have zeroed in on. The fight is going to be a strict one.”

He further informs that the part of narrowing down on 74 participants will be shown on Sahara TV by July end. The organisers will involve all of these 74 participants in training sessions. Apart from this, they will also star in scenes, to be directed by Percept’s new panel of directors. “The plans from here get more elaborative and in-depth,” says Lal.

Following this, Sahara and Percept will get their final 30. The processes to be involved here would be aired on the channel subsequently. At this stage, when talent hunt is a common word in every broadcaster’s office, each is trying to differ his from the rest. The clear differentiator with ‘Mr and Ms Bollywood’ is that more than anything else, these would give both Sahara and Percept the talent they require for their forthcoming movies.

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