Advertising industry in limelight this month on BBC World

Advertising industry in limelight this month on BBC World

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Sep 05,2002 7:53 AM

Advertising industry in limelight this month on BBC World

BBC World, the BBC's 24-hour international news and information channel, is going to feature a wide range of programmes dedicated to the power of brands and the advertising industry from 7th September onwards. These programmes, throughout September, are going to focus on the process of creation and release of ads, understanding brands and observing the influence they have on our lives.

"We believe that our audiences the world over will be intrigued by the material in this dedicated season, whether they work in the industry or not advertising is something that affects everyone's day to day life. The season also offers opportunities to advertisers who wish to support the programmes with one off campaigns of their own." said Jonathan Howlett, Director Airtime Sales, BBC World.

In a six-part series magazine style programme, 'Logo', viewers will be taken on a journey around the world to explore the influence that brands have on culture and society. 'The Ad Factor', a three part series, traces the planning and design stages of the advertising process to the roll-out and consumption of the final product. The series highlights the months of planning and thousands of hours of work that goes into the making of a single ad.

'The Comeback Cars', again a three-part programme, tracks the re-launches and marketing tactics of the major car brands such as Jaguar, BMW and Rolls Royce.

A one-off programme at the end of September, concludes the season with an entertaining look at how children succeed in convincing adults they need something. 'What Kids Want... And How They Get' observes some accomplished negotiators in action and, with the help of behavioural psychologists, exposes their strategies.

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