Ad sales restructuring at STAR India

Ad sales restructuring at STAR India

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Jun 15,2004 9:26 AM

Ad sales restructuring at STAR India

The beginning of March meant an ad sales head for STAR India and Kevin Vaz was elevated to take over as the ad sales head. “After Kevin took over as head, I had to restructure the team in a manner that was the most functional and delivered the maximum. Hence, channels were assigned to people and we put this structure in place,” expresses Sameer Nair, COO, STAR India.

In the new structure where Vaz still is in direct control of STAR Plus, Juhi Ravindranath will deal with STAR Plus and STAR Utsav, “Juhi has been selling Plus forever now. Kevin and she have been working together for these channels. Shailesh (Bijlani) will handle STAR World, STAR Movies and Channel [V]. Celita will take care of Channel [V] nationally and will report into him,” adds Nair.

Until the restructuring, the responsibilities of STAR Gold, STAR News and STAR Vijay lied with Joy Chakraborty. However now, Chakraborty takes care of STAR Gold. “We are looking for a new ad sales head for STAR News. This will be finalised soon too, in about a week or two,” Nair divulges, “By that time, everything will be completely in place.” Until then, the national portfolio of STAR News will be taken care of by Shanti Rao and Sriram will manage STAR Vijay nationally.

Nair explains that the structural changes in STAR India’s ad sales were more or less in place ever since Vaz started heading the division. How come so much time, then for the network to speak about it and publicly share the same? “We are very low profile lot,” replies Nair.

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