Aastha the faith channel launches in USA on DirecTV

Aastha the faith channel launches in USA on DirecTV

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jun 06,2005 7:38 AM

Aastha the faith channel launches in USA on DirecTV

Specialty television channel and spiritual network, Aastha TV, is now available in the USA exclusively on DirecTV. Aastha offers viewers spiritual, cultural, education, social and faith-based programming to educate the new generation about their roots as well as cultural heritage.

Said Kirit Mehta, Chairman and MD, Aastha, “We recognised a need that South Asians have. Whether in India or America, our deep-rooted cultural and spiritual beliefs need to be maintained for our future generations. We have, therefore, joined the DirecTV platform. We will strive to satisfy the deeply felt need of spirituality from the vast community of Indian residents in the United States.”

The programming, available in Hindi, Gujarati and English, features spiritual discourses, socio-spiritual-cultural ceremonies and events, meditation techniques and devotional music. It charts the holy places of pilgrimage, elucidates on traditional festivals and focuses on Indian Vedic sciences like ayurveda, yoga, astrology, crystal therapy and aroma therapy.

”We recognise and respect the fact that spirituality is integral to the very essence of the South Asian culture and Aastha will fill those social and spiritual needs,” said Aaron McNally, VP-International, DirecTV, Inc. “Aastha will provide a link to India's cultural roots, customs and society to more than two million South Asians living in the United States,” he added.

Sunil Hali, Chairman of CineMaya Media, said, “Aastha is not just a channel but an institution for every South Asian home.” CineMaya Media is the managing and marketing partner of Aastha in the US, and will provide locally produced programming that will help the community and the next generation through community news, Hindi/Gujarati/Punjabi classes, live broadcast of local cultural events and more.

Aastha currently offer its viewers across the world, programming recorded at spiritual and community events, gatherings, and unparallel access to live telecasts of important events in India. Now, with its launch in USA and Canada, Aastha has begun an outreach campaign to various spiritual and community organisations across these countries for locally produced programming, and event telecasts.

Madhavkant Mishra, Head-Media Communications for the channel, said, “Aastha channel programmes have been tailor-made for US viewers. The programmes will be different from what is aired in India. It would be our endeavour to reach every corner of the globe. We have so far aired 20,000 hours of programming and plan to reach the 2.5 million members of the Indian diaspora who live in the US.”

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