Aaj Tak leads Election Day for Hindi news genre; STAR News & India TV follow

Aaj Tak leads Election Day for Hindi news genre; STAR News & India TV follow

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Oct 26,2009 7:51 AM

Aaj Tak leads Election Day for Hindi news genre; STAR News & India TV follow

Whether the mass C&S 15+ target or the core news TG (C&S ABC 25+) is taken into consideration, Aaj Tak has garnered the highest shares on Assembly Election day. STAR News and India TV follow. However, when the entire week’s numbers are seen, India TV takes the top slot, followed by Aaj Tak and STAR News.

Election Day Numbers: Aaj Tak all the way; DD News high in core news TG
The ratings for the Assembly Elections, which took place in the states of Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh on October 13, 2009, have not added much to the Hindi news channels’ pie per se. The news genre has claimed an overall share that is similar to the numbers seen in the previous weeks.

The ratings for Election Day alone put Aaj Tak as the lead player in the national Hindi general news channels category.

Given that as a news property, a larger audience would be interested in the Assembly elections, when the broad C&S 15+ TG is observed, Aaj Tak has a channel share of 0.88 per cent. STAR News follows with 0.86 per cent channel share on the day, while India TV has 0.81 per cent share. Zee News and NDTV follow with 0.55 per cent and 0.5 per cent channel shares, respectively. This is followed by IBN7 (0.4 per cent), Samay (0.4 per cent), News24 (0.22 per cent) and DD News (0.2 per cent).

Interestingly, when the core news TG from an advertiser and media planner viewpoint (C&S ABC 25+) is seen, the second rung channels see a change in order. While in the top rung, the leader of the day in this TG, too, continues to be Aaj Tak, followed by STAR News and India TV, the No. 4 position is taken by DD News. In this TG, NDTV India is at No. 5, followed by Zee News, IBN7, Samay and News24.

India TV tops Election Week

While Aaj Tak has done well on the Election Day, the overall week’s numbers are in favour of India TV. Apart from the Elections, the week also saw Diwali coverage across news channels. The graph below shows that in the mass news TG of C&S 15+, Aaj Tak has switched places with India TV to be the No. 2 player in the week. STAR News continues in its No. 3 slot. This is the first week in 2009 where Aaj Tak has had to let go of its top position.

In the next rung of national Hindi general news channels, Zee News takes the No. 4 position, followed by IBN7 and NDTV India. Samay, News24 and DD News follow.

Much as the trend has been on Election Day, in the core news TG of C&S ABC 25+, even as the top order sees players on the same spots (India TV is No. 1 in the week, followed by Aaj Tak and STAR News), DD News sees a jumps in this target audience to claim the No. 4 position. The channel is followed by Zee News, IBN7 and NDTV India.

Samay and News24 fall further lower in the order.

Even as Election Day and Election Week ratings did not grow the news channels’ viewership per se, many media observers are waiting to see the impact of the votes counting day (October 22, 2009) on news viewership.

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