A splash of Shekhar

A splash of Shekhar

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Friday, Mar 19,2004 6:46 AM

A splash of Shekhar

Poll Khol is the newest offering from the Star news crest. The show is going to premiere on the 1st of April 2004 at 10.30 pm and will continue on a daily basis. What’s interesting is that the thirty minutes of uncensored, unrestricted, unadulterated political analysis is that, it would feature Shekhar Suman as the King of Satire. In a conversation with exchange4media, Suman states, “A show such as Poll Khol is the right platform to reach all and sundry, it would deconstruct policies, debunk the truth and spell out the facts in the correct perspective. I believe that when I am a part of a political satire such as this, I am a representative of the common man and I stand for his rights. The common man needs to be aware of all the facts before he casts his vote and I am the instrument through which he accomplishes the same. The daily analysis and the progress of the elections would make the average voter react to some of the realities of this country.”

Does this mean that Suman would be at his sarcastic best? He grins, “Of course. Sarcasm and I, we always go hand in hand. But the way I look at it is, these are not my views. I am merely reflecting the views and opinions of the public. If you are a celebrity, you are bound to be under the public glare. If public figures get agitated over what’ being said about them on some show, it implies that they have something to hide. Or that they take themselves too seriously. What Poll Khol would do, would be give a commentary of all the sides of the political story and give a glimpse of all the wheeling, dealing and posturing that goes on during campaigning.”

According to Suman, are news channels guilty of trivializing the entire election process through satires, puppet shows and the works? He asserts, “Not at all. The news landscape has been changing vastly, and the current trend is a reflection of that. Once upon a time, you used to have news readers with a stiff upper lip and hair tied in a bun. Today, you have news readers that are natural in their demeanor and pleasant in their outlook. I think that the present trend is reconstructing and redefining news, in order to make it more accessible for the common man.”

Meanwhile Ravina Raj Kohli, President, Star News says, “We continue to innovate and create some of the best programming and content in Indian television, and Poll Khol is one of our key initiatives on this front. We are happy to welcome Shekhar Suman into the Star News family and look forward to some great television with him.”

What would be Suman’s take on that? He quips, “Star News is the best looking channel on the news front today. The channel is trendy in its presentation, reliable in its content and has a holistic approach towards the different sides of the same story. It’s great to be working with a channel such as this, for a show such as Poll Khol and I am sure that we will do full justice to the job at hand.”

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