‘Paanchvi Pass’ not so tez as ratings drop a notch in second week

‘Paanchvi Pass’ not so tez as ratings drop a notch in second week

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, May 12,2008 8:24 AM

‘Paanchvi Pass’ not so tez as ratings drop a notch in second week

When Star Plus had first decided to air ‘Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain’ on April 18, 2008, which was the same date as the Indian Premier League’s first match, media agency heads and advertisers had called it a “clash of the titans”. Star Plus, however, then decided to delay ‘Paanchvi Pass’ launch by a week, some believe that the request for this came from Shah Rukh Khan himself given the IPL timings.

However, where IPL seems to be scoring on the ratings front, ‘Paanchvi Pass’ is in some trouble there. For the C&S 4+ in the Hindi speaking markets, the show opened at a TRP of 4.6 on April 25, 2008. This then dipped to 3.66 and 3.22 in that week. The ratings for only two episodes are here yet for the following week, which show a further dip to 2.59 and 2.91. In fact, Star Plus’ own shows like ‘Baa Bahoo Aur Baby’ and ‘Prithviraaj Chauhan’, also on the weekends, have delivered more than ‘Paanchvi Pass’.

Harish Shriyan, Joint MD, OMD, said, “These numbers are below expectations. None of the advertisers on the show would’ve expected this kind of ratings.” TME’s Vice President Divya Radhakrishnan agreed. Both experts, however, are quick to state that Star Plus is already taking some steps to make the proposition better for the advertisers.

Radhakrishnan said, “Star Plus is putting the episodes on weekday nights, and a marathon of all the three episodes of the week on Sunday afternoons. They are also getting celebrities on the show now. Hopefully this would get some more viewers on the show.”

Shriyan, however, said, “The only problem with the weekday nights repeat is that Star Plus would put the show after IPL is over, and that becomes too late in the day for the viewer. The idea to get more people to sample the show might not really work with that kind of timing.”

Radhakrishnan further explained here, “The problem is not so much with ‘Paanchvi Pass’ as it is with IPL over delivering. No one had expected that IPL would do so well. The Indian format of ‘Paanchvi Pass’ has the energy that the international format has; obviously with Indian syllabus and all that changes, but ‘Paanchvi Pass’ here is also given a good shot. IPL has done too well, and we have to see whether these initiatives that Star Plus is taking now would deliver.”

Shriyan added here, “The channel and the advertiser would have to work together to do what is best for both. These are still only two weeks’ ratings – we have to wait some more before we can pass any final judgment on the show.”

A rating of 2-plus is surely not what anyone would’ve expected from a show like ‘Paanchvi Pass’, which was touted as one of the biggest shows in recent times, to deliver. Everybody’s eyes are now is on how STAR India would handle the situation from here.

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