‘KBC 2’ opens a 19.75, sets a new launch record

‘KBC 2’ opens a 19.75, sets a new launch record

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Aug 12,2005 6:58 AM

‘KBC 2’ opens a 19.75, sets a new launch record

The show that changed the face of television has brought more record breaking news. ‘KBC 2’ has opened at a 19.75, recording an unprecedented launch TRP. On the same day, the following programme ‘Ba, Bahoo aur Baby’ has delivered an 11 plus. Needless to say, STAR India is pleased but the network’s COO, Sameer Nair states that the journey has just begun.

Taking a look at numbers – TAM Media Research shows that the target, C&S 4+ of the Hindi speaking market has delivered a 19.75 on August 5, 2005 and 15.05 on the following day for ‘KBC 2’. These numbers are one of the highest, even for weekdays and the fact that the channel has managed it on weekends emphasises the focus that STAR has placed in building the weekend band.

Nair says, “I am pleased. This is a great beginning but we were expecting such opening numbers given that the brand is returning after a long time, Mr Bachchan is on the show and there is substantial marketing done around the show. The challenge really is to build the weekend block and this is just the start.”

Citing examples like Gujarat market, where the show has thrown almost a 35, Nair reiterates the existing and untapped weekend audience. For him, it is how the show settles that matters and how properties are built around it. He observes, “KBC is like a giant magnet. When the magnet is in place, we have to put glue around it and then ensure the audience stays!”

He has put the formula out simply. It worked for weekdays and now the entire television industry would want to know what the road ahead looks like for KBC 2 and television weekends. Given the media reports on expectations from the market, which was anywhere between 10 to 14 TVRs, KBC 2 opening has indeed been beyond expectations.

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