‘Future Car’ on Discovery Channel to unravel advanced car technologies

‘Future Car’ on Discovery Channel to unravel advanced car technologies

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, May 26,2007 9:12 AM

‘Future Car’ on Discovery Channel to unravel advanced car technologies

The Discovery Channel is coming up with a four-part series ‘Future Car’ premiering May 31 at 10 pm. The programme will take the viewers to test tracks, design centres and manufacturing locations around the world for first-hand knowledge of car design, computer interface, alternative fuel sources and the visionaries shaping the limitless possibilities of the future.

Discussing the programme’s relevance and appeal, Deepak Shourie, EVP and Managing Director, Discovery Networks India, said, “Today we are witnessing the creation of a brand new DNA for automobiles. A paradigm shift in the construction of the automobile is taking place. With rapid convergence of revolutionary technologies, the cars of the future will be unlike anything one has seen before. The future will challenge what you believe a car to be.”

“Programmes like ‘Future Cars’ are envisioned keeping in mind the interest and feedback of Discovery’s core audience -- male adults,” Shourie added. Each episode of the four-part series explores the crucial components of automobiles in the future. The first episode ‘The Body’ answers the question to what will future cars look like. Viewers will get a first-hand look at the tweel, an airless tyre that never goes flat, as well as ultra light cars, tiny leaning cars.

Another episode investigates what will be at the heart of tomorrows’ automobiles: its incredible power to think and communicate using advanced computer technology. In fact, the most powerful computer in a human’s life may reside in his or her vehicle. These computers will coordinate schedules, drive for people, communicate with other cars and choose the safest routes possible, thus creating a world without automobile accidents.

In the ‘Fuel’ episode, a never-before-seen footage of the Formula Zero, the first hydrogen-powered go-cart, and the Eclectic, a solar-powered car the French company Venturi hopes to produce for consumers in the near future, will be seen.

Viewers will discover the remote possibilities of automobile technology in ‘The Extremes’. Audiences will view a new 18-wheel truck, whose aerodynamic design alone improves fuel efficiency by 50 per cent. Visionaries at the edge of the automotive world are using inspired ideas and innovations to change consumer and industry views about speed, luxury, safety, fuel efficiency and more.

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