‘Condom Bindaas Bol’ campaign launches viral mailers

‘Condom Bindaas Bol’ campaign launches viral mailers

Author | Tuhina Anand | Friday, Apr 06,2007 9:50 AM

‘Condom Bindaas Bol’ campaign launches viral mailers

‘Condom Bindaas Bol’, a condom category promotion campaign, which kicked off last year with TVCs, is back. In its second phase, the campaign comprises viral mailers. ICICI Bank, with funding from USAID, had initiated the ‘Condom Bindaas Bol’ campaign to address embarrassment that some people face, while buying a condom. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare also supports the campaign.

Anand Suspi, Creative Director, Lowe who has played a key role in conceiving the mailers, said, “We were looking at a refreshing as well as a radical approach to take the campaign further. I was excited by the prospect of using a new medium to reach out to people with a customised communication.”

These mailers are a series of 1MB wmv files which get forwarded. Each video has a name -- for instance, a video titled `Pandeyji' is being sent to people with ‘Pandey’ in their name, or a video titled ‘Priti Madam’ is sent to some one with a ‘Priti’ in their name and so on. In all, around 50 common names have been shot and forwarded to thousands of people.

He added, “Apart from a mail that lands in a person’s inbox, addressing him with his first name or last, and hence succeeding in communicating directly with the user, the medium is cost effective too.”

The video begins with a monologue, where a retailer talks to a prospective condom buyer who is shy to ask for a condom. He helps the shy customer to speak out the word condom aloud by referring to a customer who buys condoms regularly from him without feeling embarrassed.

The genesis of the Bindaas Bol campaign is a research by Synovate India in 2005-06 in north Indian cities which indicated that the key barrier to using condoms is the embarrassment to buy condoms, which has increased from 26 per cent in 2004 to 37 per cent in 2005. In its first phase, Lowe built on this research and evolved the theme of ‘Condom Bindaas Bol’. The aim was to bring condoms out of the closet and encourage people to talk about it openly, thereby addressing the first level barrier to say the word ‘condom’.

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