‘Bhagmati’ to showcase India’s animation and SFX might

‘Bhagmati’ to showcase India’s animation and SFX might

Author | Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia | Tuesday, Jul 26,2005 7:14 AM

‘Bhagmati’ to showcase India’s animation and SFX might

In its bid to put India on the global map in the field of animation and effects, Zee Telefilms has come up with a special offering – Bhagmati – a movie that has extensive use of animated effects. Claiming to be the first animated movie on cinematographic frame, the SFX in the movie have been created by two softwares – Maya and Animo.

Throwing more light on the technological aspects, Ashok Kaul, Bhagmati’s director as well as Producer, Zee Telefilms, said, “Some parts of the movie have a blend of 2D as well as 3D, which is very unique. The use of softwares has enabled us to do things faster and economically.” Nearly 110 animators have worked on the movie.

Explaining the connect between animated effects and the subject of the movie, Kaul said, “Since an animated movie was to be made, the use of technology was inevitable. Moreover, the subject related to a particular period, therefore, in order to enhance the look of the movie, technology had to come in.”

At two hours and 40 minutes, Bhagmati is longer than earlier full length animated films like Prince of Egypt (one hour and 25 minutes) and Lion King (one hour and 20 minutes).

Ashish Kaul, Vice-President, Zee Telefilms, said, “Irrespective of the commercial success of the movie, it will be seen as an endeavour to show the world that Indians are capable to make their mark in the field of animation.”

He further said, “Zee has always tried to do different things. Even now, the animation industry in India is virtually nothing. Our efforts are directed towards reviving and boosting this industry, which has tremendous scope.”

According to Kaul, “The costs of technology are slated to fall, and it is indeed a positive sign. We have come a long way from the olden days, when a lot of time and patience was needed for such effects, that too at a very high cost.”

India, surely seems poised to showcase its talents and display the special effects it has in store for the world. Way to go India.

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