‘A Day in the Life of a TAM Mate’

‘A Day in the Life of a TAM Mate’

Author | Minita Kumar | Tuesday, Aug 06,2002 8:10 AM

‘A Day in the Life of a TAM Mate’

“In TAM, change will always be a constant factor”, commented LV Krishnan, CEO, TAM. “And A Day in the Life of a TAM Mate is one of them”, he added.

Intriguing as the name sounded, we tried to dig deeper into this new initiative, and it turned out that ‘A Day in the Life of a TAM Mate’ was TAM’s foray into education.

Said Krishnan, “Programs like 'Day in the life of a TAM Mate' are initiatives undertaken together by TAM Educate and S-Group, for new entrants in Brand Marketing, Channel Sales, Channel Programming, Media Planning & Buying and Channel Distribution.”

The S-Group, of which ‘A Day in the Life of a TAM Mate’ is a part, was set up for two clear purposes - for education within the industry and for using data analysis to help Broadcasters and Advertisers devise their media strategies. The group headed by Atul Phadnis helps the user derive synergies from the combined databases viz. ‘Media Xpress’ (for Viewership), ‘TAMonitor-TV and Press’ and ‘Xpert Optimizer’.

A one-day program, ‘Day in the Life of a TAM Mate’ attempts to get the entrants acquainted with the background and usage of a research database, sampling methodology, research designs, expansion plans, data validation & panel health related weekly checks, the Media Planning and Buying terminology etc.

The program that started on the 2nd of July, was apparently a huge success for TAM. Commented Krishnan, “The response from the industry exceeded all expectations. The program has run full with over 15 participants in each of the TAM mate day and since requests are pouring in even now, we plan to extend the program beyond September.”

Apart from Day in the Life of a TAM Mate, which is a first level program in the S-Group educational initiative, there is also a second level program in partnership with MICA. Called ‘Television Broadcasting Strategies’, the program is targeted towards the middle & senior management broadcasting professionals. Also in the pipeline are a series of mini workshops for Advertisers in partnership with ISA (Indian Society of Advertisers) and a special program for Program production professionals in partnership with ITA (Indian Television Academy).

While TAM is going strong on these educational programs, it also seems to be doing a lot in bringing out new product offerings. The new product offerings include the Xpert optimizer, which would help build optimized media plans quickly, TAM Educate, the new program in partnership with institutes like ISA, MICA and ITA, to enhance the quality of professionals streaming into media every year and Measurement Science unit, to enhance panel health as well as keep a tab of the environmental changes in the TV viewing scenario.

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