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Lookback at 10 most iconic doodles for India on Google's 18th birthday

By Ronald Menezes | Sep 28, 2016

As Google celebrates its 18th Birthday, we take a look at iconic Google doodles released in India over the years

Google unveils its latest video calling app 'Duo'

By Ronald Menezes | Aug 26, 2016

The one advantage Google ‘Duo’ holds over Apples ‘Facetime’ is its availability in the Play store as well as the App store

Google reduces search inventory; should advertisers worry?

By Abhinn Shreshtha | Feb 23, 2016

Google's revamped search results page will feature no ad spots on the right hand sidebar, which could lead to increased rates for the available inventory on the results page. The new design seems to be part of the search giant's plan to make its desktop version more in sync with the mobile version, which has only in-stream ads

Industry leaders Takeways from Sundar Pichai

By exchange4media News Service | Dec 18, 2015

Industry leaders give their views as Sundar Pichai unveils Google’s roadmap for India in his first official visit

Modi's FB townhall: PR stunt or hysteria victim?

By exchange4media News Service | Sep 30, 2015

Twitter was abuzz with both positive and negative reactions post the Prime Minister's landmark townhall visit at Facebook’s US HQ. However, with some labelling it a publicity stunt, perhaps the Minister should pay more attention to critics’ problems with

5 big wins from PM Modi’s Silicon Valley visit

By Ankur Singh | Sep 29, 2015

Five key wins came Modi’s way in the form of strategic announcements from Microsoft, Google and Qualcomm. exchange4media takes you through these deals

From Zuckerberg to Pichai to Nadella, PM Modi charms all in Silicon Valley

By Ankur Singh | Sep 28, 2015

PM Modi, the first Indian leader to visit the US West Coast in more than 30 years, met international tech leaders Satya Nadella, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, Tim Cook, and Shantanu Narayan, among others

Alphabet paves way for Larry Page’s Moonshot pursuits

By exchange4media News Service | Aug 17, 2015

As Google’s core business is managed under new CEO Sundar Pichai, Larry Page’s vision of ‘ideas that change the world’ or his moonshot ventures will be few steps closer to being actualised under Alphabet

Alphabet will bring more fiscal responsibility to Google

By exchange4media News Service | Aug 12, 2015

Media and industry analysts generally reacted positively to news that Google is forming a holding company for its various business units

Google's new CEO is Indian-born Sundar Pichai

By exchange4media News Service | Aug 11, 2015

Larry Page and Sergey Brin announce the creation of a holding company called 'Alphabet' which will be a collection of companies including Google. Page will be Alphabet's CEO while Brin will be President