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International: Who's leading the way in web marketing? It's Nike, of course

By exchange4media News Service | Oct 17, 2006

The world's largest sport-shoe maker, Nike controls about 20% of the U.S. market. At a time when the Adidas-Reebok merger was supposed to close the gap on Nike, Nike gained 2 market-share points in the U.S. The company has done a masterful job of maintaining a consistent brand image across various channels, making sure what consumers experience in stores carries over seamlessly to the web.

Luxor repositions Parker with Rs. 10-crore TV campaign

By exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Jan 23, 2004

LWIPL has launched a Rs. 10-crore television campaign to reposition its leading brand, Parker. Developed by Lowe & Partners Worldwide, the set of five ads star Amitabh Bachchan and aim to develop consciousness that Parker is not just a pen; it is a status symbol. LWIPL has booked 1500 slots across leading channels.