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Lookback at 10 most iconic doodles for India on Google's 18th birthday

By Ronald Menezes | Sep 28, 2016

As Google celebrates its 18th Birthday, we take a look at iconic Google doodles released in India over the years

Alphabet paves way for Larry Page’s Moonshot pursuits

By exchange4media News Service | Aug 17, 2015

As Google’s core business is managed under new CEO Sundar Pichai, Larry Page’s vision of ‘ideas that change the world’ or his moonshot ventures will be few steps closer to being actualised under Alphabet

Alphabet will bring more fiscal responsibility to Google

By exchange4media News Service | Aug 12, 2015

Media and industry analysts generally reacted positively to news that Google is forming a holding company for its various business units

Google's new CEO is Indian-born Sundar Pichai

By exchange4media News Service | Aug 11, 2015

Larry Page and Sergey Brin announce the creation of a holding company called 'Alphabet' which will be a collection of companies including Google. Page will be Alphabet's CEO while Brin will be President

A day without Google! Can brands survive?

By Priyanka Nair | Jul 24, 2013

"Google Network is like Hotel California," said a marketer, explaining it is a one-stop destination. So what will happen to brands if Google decides to take a break for a day?

Vivid: Industry stalwarts get a digital makeover

By Annurag Batra | Oct 08, 2012

IAA’s Silicon Valley trip inspired & challenged Indian leaders, says Annurag Batra, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, exchange4media Group

IMPACT Annv Spl: Pranesh Misra on 7 global concept brands for India

By Pranesh Misra | Nov 28, 2011

What India needs is adoption of global concepts as it prepares for occupying a pre-eminent position in the world in the next seven years. Pranesh Misra, Brandscapes Worldwide, presents his wishlist…

5 takeaways from Facebook-Skype collaboration

By Shubhi Tandon | Jul 07, 2011

While Facebook's video chat would in all probability be the most talked about aspect of social networks for days to come, does this feature or Google+, make any difference for brands and marketers?

Guest Column
Reading Minds: Is Google Over? Really?

By Vivek Bhargava | Sep 09, 2010

This time, Vivek Bhargava, MD, Communicate2, discusses at length the cover story of Fortune magazine, which asked ‘Is Google Over?’. Bhargava gives several convincing reasons why this is far from the truth and affirms that Google is a contender to exponentially increase its market share and eventually dominate global advertising.

Guest Article: Will online advertising become 50 pc of all advertising? - Part 1

By Vivek Bhargava | Jun 28, 2010

Though total online advertising spend continues to be a few percentage points of total advertising budgets in most Indian companies, we are now on the cusp of a perfect storm of online advertising. Due to this, I expect online advertising, as we know it, to become more than 50 per cent of total advertising in less than five years, writes Vivek Bhargava, MD, Communicate2.