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eBay spots Bollywood craze in Indian online buying trends in 2007

By exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Dec 25, 2007

eBay India has spotted some specific online buying trends among Indian audiences. The range of products bought online varies from movie memorabilia like film magazine covers and posters to books, gadgets and items related to spirituality.

International: Who's leading the way in web marketing? It's Nike, of course

By exchange4media News Service | Oct 17, 2006

The world's largest sport-shoe maker, Nike controls about 20% of the U.S. market. At a time when the Adidas-Reebok merger was supposed to close the gap on Nike, Nike gained 2 market-share points in the U.S. The company has done a masterful job of maintaining a consistent brand image across various channels, making sure what consumers experience in stores carries over seamlessly to the web.

Apple unveils new, improved iPods in India at pocket-friendly prices

By exchange4media News Service | Sep 21, 2006

Get ready for a musical festive season. Apple on September 20 unveiled its new iPods for the Indian market in keeping with global trends. The iPods are priced attractively from Rs 5,600 for the iPod Shuffle to Rs 23,600 for the 30GB iPod.

Apple unveils new range of products; launches 1GB iPod Nano at Rs 9,700

By exchange4media News Service | Mar 29, 2006

Apple introduced a range of products in the Capital on Tuesday. To start off, the company unveiled a new 1 GB iPod Nano. Priced at Rs 9,700, the new iPod is equipped with the same features as its 2GB and 4GB versions and can hold up to 240 songs and 15,000 photos.

Contest2Win launches branded online dumb charades

By Pritie S Jadhav | Dec 06, 2005 has achieved a first by hosting a fully branded dumb charades ‘Advergame’ on the Internet – Mentos Dcode – which requires consumers to identify names of popular songs with the help of visual as well as alphabetic clues.

Gizmo lovers rejoice - Apple unveils the new iPod nano, iMac G5

By Shanta Saikia | Oct 28, 2005

It’s perhaps the most happening product after the Walkman, with the new generation plugged in to iPods, music has never sounded so sweet. Apple on October 27 unveiled two cutting edge products – the fifth generation (and still counting) iPod nano and the iMac G5, which will delight all photographers, budding and professional, as well as movie lovers.