LinkedIn enters publishing space, aims to make site more interactive

LinkedIn to launch the Daily Rundown notification plan to ensure that members never miss the day’s top headlines and stories being shared and talked a...

Mass personalisation will be the key to winning customer confidence: Vikas Katoch, CEO, Adomantra

The online video industry grew by a whopping 200% in 2016 and the CEO of Adomantra is making hay while the sun shines by being present in 190 countrie...

Online video is a long game: Nickhil Jakatdar

Despite the intense completion in the OTT space, online video platform Vuclip feels that it has got its business model right, which will enable it to...

Creative and metrics key for InMobi as it ramps up focus on video ads

The ad tech company has seen its video ad consumption triple in India over the last year and expects video ads to make up nearly 50 per cent of its re...

Talenthouse and Chillx launch first-ever nationwide crowdsourced film campaign

The ‘The Big Premiere’ campaign, aimed at film makers, performers, and DIY professionals, has reached over 3.5 million artists digitally and activated...

Facebook extends Live Video reach with FB Bandstand

Facebook has further expanded its efforts in live broadcast with the announcement a new service called FB Bandstand, an integrated space that combines...

Rewind 2016: Digital video comes of age

Digital video continued skyrocketing as projected but what was interesting to see was the emergence of a more mature class of advertisers with a strat...

Soon, online video content for South Indian audiences

KPV, a new venture from Tamil Nadu, will launch YUV, a mobile-first platform for original video content in south Indian languages

Unruly, Ogilvy & Mather, Reprise Media partner to bring Unruly EQ to India

New proprietary tool uses emotional, biometric and audio testing to allow brands to maximise emotional and business impact of ads

Mogae Media buys personalised video platform Ao1

Mogae Media has announced the acquisition of Ao1, a personalized video platform from ad veteran Ashish Dabral, a former CEO of Dentsu Marcom.

Facebook apologizes for "overstated" video metric

Facebook, on Friday, said it has rectfied an error in the way it calculated average duration of video viewed, one of the metrics available to marketer...

Guest Column: Regional content is extremely hot, and the reasons are obvious- Deepa Balasubramanian

Regional Content has clearly set the tone for decreased barriers when it comes to the language part. People who do not know how to read or speak Engli...

Facebook announces new features for 'Slideshow Ads'

The Slideshow technology has two primary objectives: to make it easier and cheaper to create “video” ad units (typically photo montages) and make them...

Can Facebook challenge YouTube’s video reign?

As Facebook pushes aggressively to woo video content creators, is YouTube’s long held dominance in jeopardy?

Why India ranks lowest in Asia Pacific in video ad viewability?

A new report on viewability of video ads released by Google shows that India still lags behind countries like Japan , Australia, South Korea and other...

The Gujarat Lions releases its 'Tribute to Fan' video

The video highlights the moments from the tournament that made the fans proud, encapsulating the team's first ever IPL journey

Sooperfly and Vivek Law to launch new digital content brand

The new brand will be a JV between the two and will target audiences seeking financial advice and insights.

Guest Column: Five Rules for Championing the Engagement Revolution in 2016: Shashikant Someshwar

With over four billion video views per day on Facebook, seven billion on Snapchat and more than 1.5 billion on Vine, video content has become an impor...

85% viewers in India consume short form video content on smartphones- Vuclip Global Video Insights Report

The Global Video Insights Report for 2015 released by Vuclip compares video consumption behavior of Indians with those in developed markets

OLX launches ‘OLXMadAds’ campaign

The new digital campaign enables sellers to create their own ads in the form of videos and images.

Predictions 2015: Connected & converged consumption will drive the year 2015: Divya Karani

Divya Karani, CEO, Dentsu Media on the 'constants' and the 'disruptions' that will occur in media, advertising and marketing

Predictions 2015: Connected & converged consumption will drive the year 2015: Divya Karani

Divya Karani, CEO, Dentsu Media on the 'constants' and the 'disruptions' that will occur in media, advertising and marketing