India records highest percentage of total ad mobile spends in APAC in 2015: Study

Over the last few years, Asia Pacific has become a hotspot for mobile advertising with developed mobile networks and a strong proliferation of smartph...

Mobile web spends up 100 per cent, as in-app advertising drops, says Smaato

Smaato’s new report states that in-app ad spending has fallen by 10 per cent over last year. Could social apps like Facebook and Twitter be a reason b...

Mobile video ads outperform all other formats, deliver 11x higher eCPMs, Smaato Report

Music apps are the most lucrative category for in-app mobile video ads, with a +54% eCPM uplift for publishers launches RTB on its mobile ad exchange

Advertisers will gain unparalleled reach across 150,000+ apps &sites and developers will benefit from lift in global monetisation