NIVEA ad campaign combats winter body odour with a funny twist!

The situations where the winter body odour makes its presence felt have been humorously captured in short films

Anushka Sharma plays over 5-second interest span in new Nivea Body Deodorizer ad

Nivea India’s new digital campaign highlights the eccentricities of consumption habits in the digital space

Rakshit Hargave elevated to Senior VP for Sahara Africa, India & Sales, Beiersdorf near East

Hargave joined NIVEA India, an affiliate of Beiersdorf AG, as the Managing Director of the Indian Operations in January 2011

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MEC retains media duties of Nivea

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From sensational to functional - the shift in the deodorant industry

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Nivea meets media agencies

MEC is currently handling the media duties for Nivea and has been handling the media duties for the brand since 2006

Nivea lets people Kiss and Make up with new campaign

The skin care brand has partnered with MEC to roll out a campaign for its lip balm collection, titled ‘Kiss and Make up’. The campaign is open till to...

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