Video: Pre- & post-analysis of activations is must

Lloyd Mathias, Director, Green Bean Ventures talks about why measuring effectiveness of ground activations is important

Video: Voyeuristic content sells today

Balaji Telefilms’ Ekta Kapoor talks about the growing importance of experiential as advertising medium for films & TV, and content for young...

Video: Event agencies should act as ad agencies

Danielle Barclay, MD, TRO talks about measures that can be taken to grow experiential marketing in India & making digital the centre of communicat...

Video: Agencies have to specialise to be acquired

Martin Da Costa, CEO, SeventyEMG talks about reasons behind slowdown in M&As in the events industry, importance of being specialised and more...

Video: Agencies have to be proactive than reactive

Vahid Mehrinfar talks about things event agencies in India need to learn from the West, pre-empting the future & the key to success for any busine...

Video: Premium price for premium services: Ranjivjit Singh

Ranjivjit Singh, CMO, HP PSG India, talks about the importance of experiential marketing for marketers and agency-client relationship

Video: Events have to be amplified – Neeraj Sanan

ABP News’s Neeraj Sanan India talks about how event agencies have to look at out-of-the-box ideas and amplify them to bring value to clients

Video: Next ground for experiential is rural: Pradeep Kashyap

Pradeep Kashyap, CEO, MART talks to e4m on benefits of rural over urban markets for experiential, tapping rural in cost effective way, role EEMA can p...

Video: Winners speak @EEMAX 2012

EEMAX 2012 concluded with a fanfare rewarding 25 agencies across 22 categories. e4m speaks to a few awardees on what the win means to them

Capture global mkt: Ambika Soni to events industry

I&B Minister Ambika Soni iterates that capturing international markets is the biggest challenge for events agencies; but real growth lies in going...

Marketers can’t ignore rural India any more

Pradeep Kashyap, CEO, MART, highlights the reasons why marketers can no longer ignore rural India because of the tremendous growth it offers

Events industry to be worth Rs 4,375 cr by 2014: E&Y report

As per E&Y’s white paper on the events industry in India, the industry is estimated to double in the next two years from Rs 2,800 cr to Rs 4...

Don’t follow research, follow your instinct: Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor speaks about what change means to her and how change and gut feel have been intrinsic to Balaji Telefilms’ success

Marketers need to break through the comfort zone

Painting into the future and meeting expectations are mantras for success for experiential industry, says Vahid Mehrinfar of Vahid Associates

Experiential is changing consumer behaviour

Marketers have to work harder to get the message across, stresses Danielle Barclay of TRO Australia, who sees great opportunities in experiential

Digital is the way to success: Martin Da Costa

Martin Da Costa, CEO, Seventy Event Media Group, stresses on building client servicing resources to cater to last minute changes from marketers

Brian Tellis re-elected EEMA President

Atul Nath has been elected Executive Vice-President, while Vijay Arora has been elected as Secretary at EEMA’s Annual General Meet

“It’s time to change client-agency relationship”

It’s time the events industry stopped playing surrogate mother and vendor to clients and instead create value for them, stresses Roshan Abbas, M...

Marketers want to embrace experiential

While marketers are actively seeking out experiential experts, deep understanding, flawless delivery, and measurements need to be in place, says HP PS...

“Marketing has evolved from attention to involvement”

Lloyd Mathias, a noted marketer, shares how attention deficit nature of consumers today is a great opportunity for the experiential marketing industry

Events & experiential’s ‘time for change’

EEMAGINE 2012 will look to table conversations that will chart the events and experiential marketing industry’s roadmap ahead