Rewind2015 Rewind 2015:Guest Column: It’s time to unlearn: Dheeraj Sinha

Rewind 2015:Guest Column: It’s time to unlearn: Dheeraj Sinha

Author | Dheeraj Sinha | Monday, Dec 28,2015 9:02 AM

Rewind 2015:Guest Column: It’s time to unlearn: Dheeraj Sinha

As 2015 comes to an end, Dheeraj Sinha, Chief Strategy Officer, Grey South & South East Asia writes about the changes which the advertising industry needs to undergo in order to stay relevant. Sinha outlines three main shifts that need to take place for this………

The next few years are going to be tough for the advertising agencies. No, I am not talking about thinner margins or shrinking revenues. I am talking about the unlearning that the industry needs to go through. Again, this is not new stuff and we don’t need more conferences to discuss these. We need action. The ones who unlearn the most will live to tell their tales.

In specific, I want to mention three big shifts:

From I to We:

The new process of creation is all about collaboration. We have heard this. The issue is that our grooming hasn’t been about collaboration. Most creative and planning talent has grown up taking the brief and vanishing into a cave for a week or more and then emerging with the Eureka moment or a film script. The benchmark of good account management has been their strength to manage all client issues by themselves. We have not been trained in collaboration, this is the biggest un-learning we need to go through as an industry.

From Storytelling to Story-making :

A lot of our advertising has been about a clever line, a twist at the end of the story, a joke or an inspiring call to action. Storytelling has been our forte. Nothing wrong with that. But, we now live in the times of story making. We need to create content, events, ideas that are tangible. We need to unlearn storytelling and learn the art of story making.

From Service to Advisory:

The service view says, I will do what the client wants me to do. The truth is that our environments are so complex that even the clients may not know what they want. What they do want, however, is the agency to bring a point-of-view on the table. I am told in the good old days, we used to do this well. This should be an easy one then.  

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