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When the going gets tough, the tough get going
Tuhina Anand

Every year brings in much learnings for everyone, but the year 2009 can be said to have brought more than the usual share of learnings, especially for the advertising industry. While the world over the dreaded R-word had everyone in its grip, what India experienced was an economic ‘slowdown’. Nevertheless, caution became the buzzword.

The three best ads of 2009 are…
Tasneem Limbdiwala

Enough has been said and written about of the economic slowdown and its effects. However, there was no slowdown in the agencies’ creative thought processes. And who better than the ad honchos themselves to rate what they think were the three best ad campaigns of 2009.

Guest Article: What I remember about 2009
Thomas Xavier

I will remember 2009 as the year the industry took their eyes off the ball. With reports of the slowdown in the West, the year began with huddled conversations around water coolers, taxi stands, golf courses or 5 star coffee shops (depending on your grade) about the impending effect in India. Everyone waited for something to happen. The game was stopped. Not because of bad light, but foggy thinking.

Guest Article: Recessions are good for creativity
Ali Shabaz

The one thing that becomes clear when you look back at the year that was, is that it's not just human beings that grow fat and slow… industries do as well. While humans go on crash-diets to shed excess fat, advertising was hit periodically by a recession forcing it to take a long hard look at itself, and start shaping up.