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Company Name Sapna Films Cine Eyes – Leading Cinema Advertising Network
Head of the Company Mr. Sachin Arora
Head office H.O.: 179 A, Nagina Complex, Abulane, Meerut – NCR (Uttar Pradesh)Ph: +91 121 4027331Telefax: +91 121 2661331Mob: +91 9927188893, 9837074331
Phone +91 121 2661331, + 91 9927188893 , 9837074331
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Cinema Product
Cinema Advantage
Cinema Advertising Network
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Sapna Films Cine Eyes (SFCE) welcomes you to the amazing and glamorous world of Cinema Advertising.

Sapna Films Cine Eyes is an established name in the world of cinema advertising and has been rendering its excellent services since 1982. It has a large number of local, national and multinational clients who are happily satisfied with company’s management and services.

In virtually all over the world, the cinema hall is a favourite place for social gathering. People are avid moviegoers because of the craze for the movies nowadays and also because of the people’s desire to go out to a place of social gathering and enjoyment.

Today, Cinema Advertising has emerged as an extremely cost-effective mode of advertising with all the possible benefits of impact and reach. It has sight and sound like television but with better quality. Further, cinema advertising has a true captive and huge audience.

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