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Company Name Pixels 'n' Stuff
Head of the Company Mr Jaswinder Singh
Head office A-32 Fateh Nagar, New Delhi ľ 110018
Phone +91 11 6414 7213
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Key Team Members
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 Jaswinder Singh
 MD and CEO

Pixels 'n' Stuff
Pixels 'n' Stuff is a new independent agency aimed at bringing the best and yet untapped creative talents and most innovative approach to advertising in the Indian market.

We have a determined team with the right approach and talent. State-of-the-art infrastructure to meet our client's marketing and advertising needs. With experienced Media and Production groups to work in tandem, we act as perfect communication partners for our clients.

We intend to further strengthen our forte areas by constantly gathering and analysing market information. With unmatched insight and understanding, we position ourselves as communication consultants of the future.

Why Pixels
We aim to deliver services of utmost quality and style to enhance your corporate image and reach the target audience in the best possible manner and most importantly, on a reasonable and cost effective budget.

Brand identity - either you have it or you don’t. It’s all about making the right impression. You could make a bad impression or none at all. We’ll make sure that your brand makes “the right impression”.
Corporate events are the most strategic weapon for your business. They can define a brand and make an image beyond expectations. Corporate events are an effective tool for:

  • Brand/Image building
  • Brand/Image management
  • Direct marketing
  • Communicating effectively to a defined target audience

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