With new stations, Radio Mirchi looks to woo the masses

With new stations, Radio Mirchi looks to woo the masses

Author | Asit Ranjan Mishra | Monday, May 01,2006 8:18 AM

With new stations, Radio Mirchi looks to woo the masses

In keeping with its strategy of targeting the masses, the newly launched stations of Radio Mirchi in Bangalore, Jaipur and Hyderabad are playing music keeping in mind the tastes and interests of the ‘aam janta’.

“In Bangalore, we have created a very differentiated product. Our jockies speak only in Kannada language while the songs played are both in Kannada and Hindi. Though at present the Kannada songs played are negligible, it will go up soon,” said Prashant Pandey, Deputy CEO, ENIL. “But we don’t play any English music,” he added.

Radio City, on the other hand, has been targeting the upmarket crowd in Bangalore. It plays trilingual music with Bollywood being the dominating one. Its jockies speak mostly in English with a smattering of Hindi, but no Kannada. In that sense, Radio Mirchi has a larger appeal to the local Kannada audience.

Radio Mirchi broadcasts a diverse mix of shows, including Hello Bangalore, a breakfast show; Bombat Bhama, a gossip based show for housewives; Bitti Ticket for the latest gossip from the films, an afternoon show for the students; Chill Maadi, an evening drive time gaming show; Mirchi Talkies for retro music; and Dr. Love, to handle love problems of teenagers.

Speaking about the other two new stations – Jaipur and Hyderabad – Pandey said, “In Jaipur, we play only Hindi songs, but the music selection is different from that of Delhi. It is more tuned to the local taste. In Hyderabad, we play only Telugu music.”

On the packaging front, Pandey said, “We have the best jockies in the industry. We have taken extra care on the ‘stationality’ (packaging) front. Our product value is very good and keeps in mind taste of the local people.”

Giving the example of Indore, which was the first station of Radio Mirchi in Phase I to go live, Pandey said, “Though it’s also a Hindi market, the taste is more towards ghazals and old music, which we have embraced.”

On the advantages of the early launch, Pandey felt that they would definitely have the first mover’s advantage. “We will occupy people’s minds before anybody else does. So, people will get familiar with our product first.”

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